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I heard about this Samosa walla in Karol Bagh area through EOiD (Eating out in Delhi) community, and was curious to try it out, since I live quite close to the area. I was there yesterday evening with Neeraj Kumar, a close friend, and we decided to give it a try, as per the directions reached the front gate or Jessa Ram Hospital and with our back towards Pusa Road, took right into the street opposite it  (Technically the service lane of Pusa road, this shop is behind house no. 14 Pusa Road), and spotting the shop was not a challenge then. As there are hardly 2-3 shops there, and spotting the halwai was an easy job.
The shop looks quite run down and old, I doubted the quality of the stuff after first glance. I was told that there were some really old guys managing it, however I saw couple of young guys manning the counter. They said that samosas were being fried and we have to wait for 10 minutes, decided to sink our teeth into a Ras Madhuri sitting on the counter in the meantime (cannot say much about it, as was too sweet and syrupy for me, but texture seemed nice). Later on we were told that even those guys were customers and and the famous old man was busy making samosa on the backside. This establishment enjoys tremendous loyalty, so much so that people wait patiently for 15 minutes, while samosas are being made.
Now coming to the samosa, the main reason why it is famous is because they do not fill the mashed potatoes, but they cut them into small pieces, roast them and then fill them. It was lovely to eat, the old man had taken his sweet time to fry them, this ensured that the crust was nice and crispy. The potatoes had subtle spices, nothing over powering the flavor, every bite was an experience in itself.
Mr. Dutt, or Pandit ji
We were quite satisfied with the samosa and started chatting with the old man (Mr. Dutt or popularly known as Pandit Ji), he said that shop was originally owned by his Mama Ji and he worked for them since beginning. it opened in 1942 and the owner was staunch follower of Nehru-Gandhi school. In-fact Nehru Ji himself has visited this shop on several occasions.
He also made us sample some Sandesh made from “Khajoor Ka Gud”, which comes straight from Bengal and a type of Mathri.
The Menu
News Paper Article
Original Owner

Other Pictures
PS (Dated : 27th June, 2011) – There is something about such places that go beyond food, something that brings a smile to your face and satisfaction to your heart. The simplicity, the charm, the stories gives them a character, which can only be experienced when you are there. Not sure if they are still surviving, would have to visit them again, in the meantime if you have some update or intelligence of the place, kindly share with us in the comments section.

Author: Shashank

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  1. Am so glad to read this. Very well said that the simplicity, the charm, the stories give them a character! I though have never been to this place but have experienced the same with some food joints in Kolkata which are old, no frill, simple places with people who are so passionate about keeping the charm, the originality. Looking forward for more such places from you….

  2. he is there. up nd working. Still fries those Samosas all by himself. I live just around the corner from his shop. The samosas he fries are crisp, good stuffing inside of potatoes, peas & very mild Masala. Although they were bit oily on the health side, but can be managed. Also, the chutni & free enlightenment about indian history are the best you can get here (all for free). + if interested in samosas in karol bagh, there is one billu Halwai. His samosas are also to die for. He is infront of the Southern travels, Arya samaj road. Ask any one about billo halwai. Sells them just from 4.30 to 6.30.

  3. Got so involved in this particular post that the above review by Tourer is equivalent to a sigh-of-relief, Good to know that the great old man is still around to give us Gastronomic feasts.
    Great pictures man…Not so much for quality but the content captured..
    Pictures give a feel that the old man has tried his best to hold the past within the walls of his shop.. U have reminded me of my all time favrt tv show " Malgudi days" used to see similarly furnished shops in that programme…
    Hope we can pay him a visit on ASAP basis… since life is too short to wait mate

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