Kathi Kebabs at Jain corner, Shivaji Stadium, CP

I don’t have faintest idea in the world what Kathi Kebabs are, for me the term kathi has generally been associated with rolls. However I have been told that they are gaining popularity and are now a regular feature in Ram Leela’s staged in Old  Delhi along with other traditional fare.
On Sunday I was in CP around 4:30 pm, looking for something light on my wallet and stomach. Subway came to mind, but it was too boring. Somehow landed at Jain Snacks / Jain Food Corner in Shivaji Stadium. You can always trust on their Kadi Chawal, rest of the stuff is run of the mill, however Kadi Chawal are the best you can find in town. However I noticed the new counters they have and now they have started to give tokens. And right above the cash counter, their was this ‘notice’ advertising Kathi Kebabs and 4 rumali rotis for Rs.60. I hesitated, looked at Kadi and said “Sometime later my love”.
Kathi Kebabs with Rumali Roti
The rumali roti they served were heated on a tawa I guess and in process of reheating became crispy, which does not go very well with the nature of that kind of bread. And the so called Kebab, was a mix of Paneer, soya nuggets/chunks and a gravy based on onion and tomato. The taste did not excite me, it was an indifferent feeling, I did not love what I was eating, however I did not mind as well. I was quite happy with the ‘health’ factor, that I was not eating something fried, and soy were good in nutrition.
I am not sure how ‘Soya Kathi Kebab’ is supposed to taste, as this was the first time I had it, however whether it was authentic or not, I would mind having it again, if only for seemingly decent nutritional value and quite agreeable taste.
And more on Jain snacks and their Kadi Chawal later.
My Rating – 3/5

Author: Shashank

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