Moolchand Paranthewaala – An Institution

A portion of this post comes from my earlier post on the same outlet written on 1st January, 2010.
The other day I was going to Bahai House of worship, and hunger pangs took over me. Suddenly my proximity to Moolchand Paranthe-waala came to mind and I thought missing this opportunity to have them would be a sacrilege.
I was there around 5 pm, it was not as crowded as it is in late evenings and night, however there were still enough customers to keep him busy. A quick chat with the owner revealed that it was setup by his father around 35-36 years, and earlier they used to start in evenings and operate through the night. However off-late, they have started to serve in days and wind up their operation maximum by mid-night. Metro work has forced them to move a bit, however that has not made any difference to the business and clientele.

The Ubiquitous Parantha, the way it is served.

That is my Order 😀
Now this one is another legend of the city. If one tries to think of Delhi and Paranthas, its quite easy to assume that Paranthas would be sold at every nook and corner of the city, as we do swear by our paranthas. But unfortunately that is not the case. In this parantha crazy city, everyone only likes what their mom makes (or wife maybe) and do not generally go out for paranthas.  And yes, the legendary Paranthe waali gali is alive in  legends only, its a sham.
However the Paranthe-waala sitting opposite Vikran Hotel, near Moolchand Hospital in Lajpat Nagar is one of the few that has been able to make a name for itself. It is known by many names, but yes, most of the foodies in the city would know about this place for sure. Its an institution in itself, and one of the most popular ones at that.

Prantha, from another angle
As any other famous roadside joint, this place is often crowded, hygiene is not what you are looking for, food comes cheap and there are not many who do better than them. I guess the most expensive Parantha on the menu would not cross Rs.20, and they have a good variety of those. The most famous one being Egg Parantha.You can have them with combination of Rajma/Dal, Boondi Raita, butter or either one of those. They serve it with Masala on top and bunch of spiced up green chillies.

Bowl of Boondi Raita
Green Chillies and Masala that is served with Paranthas

And yes, coming to actual praranthas they are quite good, made on a giant Tawa with perfection of an assembly line. Its the stuff that Taxi waalas eat for a days heavy lunch and youngsters after their evening party sessions in fancy clubs and pubs.

Owner with the Giant Tawa
In my opinion, they are quite good, however I still feel Delhi needs a paranthe-waala that can satisfy the most discerning mom’s parantha lovers. However till we find him, Moolchand Paranthe-waala shall hold the crown.

My Rating : 3.5 / 5

PS : For those who don’t know, this Paranthewaala actually has no name, however is called Moolchand Paranthewala, because of his proximity to “Moolchand Hospital” in south Delhi.

Author: Shashank

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9 thoughts on “Moolchand Paranthewaala – An Institution”

  1. This and Sharma jee choley bhature were the closest and most affordable spots for after school and before lunch eats 🙂 I still rem the taste of those chillies and the masala just by looking at it.. I agree on Ur closin but I mite give it half a mark extra for nostalgic reasons.

  2. there's another popular parathewala who sits at the entrance of shivaji stadium dtc terminal entrance opposite Rivoli. he serves the paranthas with chillies too, pretty satisfactory stuff.

  3. i would say that since this is near to my place i have eaten here a lot of times and i still continue to .. an i have found that the quality of paranthas changes during the rush hours .. so it is advised to go there in the afternoon or in the evening .. i have been served half cooked paranthas a lot of times when i go there in rush ..

  4. The Aloo parantha and the egg parantha served with boondi raita is amazing and a must have out here along with the green chilly and the chat masala that is sprinkled over it tastes superb. 🙂

  5. This place is awesome… just under the Moolchand Metro Station (a place easy to find) and mouth watering paratha's and sabjis and the Chaiwala beside with nice Tea …. 🙂 (Y) (Y) (Y) 4.6/5


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