Weekend in Pictures

Onion Rawa Masala Dosa
South Indian Thali
Not exactly weekend, but Thursday afternoon, Honey, my cousin popped up, and we decided to go out for lunch. Not looking beyond our neighboring Karol Bagh, he suggested we eat at a Udupi that he has been to, and he liked their food. However that particular Udupi was closed for renovation, and we settled at Sri Krishna Udupi on Saraswati Marg. Nothing extraordinary in terms of food and quality. However be careful when you order an ‘unlimited’ meal, they might put some ‘limits’ on it.
Cheese and Corn Maggi
Bun Maska and Chai
Fast forward to Friday evening, I was with Ashish Tulsian at DLF Place, in Saket. Ashish, though a non-smoker, is a big fan of Hookah or Sheesha, and a regular at Mocha. We settled in their open air lounging area, with  an absolutely fantastic Pan Hookah. Soon we were joined by Moumita Rudra, and we spent hours there talking about theories of god knows what. Coming to food we ordered a ‘Cheese & Corn Maggi’, and ‘Bun Maska & Chai’. Though I did not fancy the Maggi much, however I liked the Bun Maska & Chai, first for the taste, then for the concept. I have never had it in Mumbai, however after eating it at Mocha, I cannot wait to gobble it down at one of the Iranian cafes.
Fish From Bijoli Grill
Chicken Biryani from Karim’s
Saturday evening was the day for FED walk, and we had decided to explore the ‘Food Chowk’, again at DLF Place in Saket. Even though I have no affinity to the ‘mall food’, however Food Chowk brings some of the better known names in Delhi food Scene under same roof, and that is what attracted me to visit that place. And I was not disappointed at all. Nizam’s, Karim’s, Rajdhani, Nathu’s, Prince Pan, Nirula’s etc all coming under the same roof, is a foodie’s delight. And visiting this place with a bunch of foodies, allows you to sample multiple things.

Egg and Paneer Roll
Dal Baati Choorma

Rolls from Nizam’s were just fabulous, I had heard about them before, however never got around to having them. However every bite lived upto its reputation. Then we moved on to Rajdhani, and had Dal Baati Churma. Now this was one of the rare occasions where I actually loved Dal Baati Churma made outside my home. There are only two other places where I liked them, one was in Chokhi Dhani, and other at an Interstate Bus station, incidentally both in Jaipur. Another thing that interested me was Aamras, again from Rajdhani. Have heard a lot about it, however never had it before. Not sure how it tastes otherwise, however I quite liked what Rajdhani had to offer.

The weekend also comprised a late night visit to Yashwant Place for Momos and Fried rice, home cooked Pao Bhaaji, Kachoris from Shyam Sweets, home made Paapdi Chaat, Pan kulfi, Pan and Mufarrah Sharbat from prince pan and I guess I am still missing a few things. Quite an amazing weekend it was, lets see what next one has in store.

PS : All the pictures in this post have been shot by using my mobile phone camera, so pardon the quality.

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