Chache Di Hatti – Proud to be a Dilliwala

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Today I feel complete. Its only today that I have earned the right to call myself a Dilliwala or a Delhiite despite being born and brought up in this city, and despite having roots here for last 5-6 generations. Why ? Because I had not eaten Chhole Bhature of a certain Chacha (Uncle, for those not familiar with Hindi) from Kamla Nagar. Today I feel proud, as I have completed my ‘circle’ of trinity, whose last connection in form of Chache Di Hatti was missing. Today I can say that I have eaten Chhole Bhature at Sita Ram Dewan Chand, Baba Nagpal and Chache Di Hatti.

Fried Aloo on Chhole tastes quite good

I had always heard fantastic things about Chache Di Hatti at Kamla Nagar, however as someone who  did not study in Delhi University, or specifically in North Campus, I had never ever eaten there. However the things I heard about them, from people I have top most respect for, ensured that I always kept them on a pedestal.

There certainly are advantages of being at helm of things at FED, one of them being you can call Raids and visit the places that you always wanted to, and today was no different. Though not many people turned up, however 6 of us were still there, some familiar with the place and most of us not. But in the end we went home a very happy and satisfied bunch.

When I entered  the lane, my nose could smell something, and spotting the crowds in one of the by-lanes was not difficult. Seeing queues of patrons there made me happy rather than worried or irritated, as queuing up for something, makes you cherish it more, especially when there is no dearth of time and your sole agenda is to enjoy the food. Unfortunately I got a bit late, and couple of FEDs were already wrapping up, however this left Srishti Gupta, Prerna, Varun Santhosh and me to share and enjoy the goods, and enjoy we did.

Varun Santhosh
Srishti Gupta
Prerna Gupta

 The only problem with queues is, that you are never sure how much to order, as you do not want to queue up for second helpings, and what would be the right amount to order is a question that keeps cropping up. We started with ordering two plates of Saada (plain) and two plates of Aloo stuffed Bhaturas, with an extra helping of Chhole (had to queue up for 20-30 minutes, could have been longer if not for Srishti queuing for us in lady’s line).

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Queues, and this is Lady’s Line only 😛

Now finally we had some food on table, first bite of it in my mouth and I was a happy man. Chacha’s had lived up-to the legend, I started to gobble the chanas steadily, and after each bite, it was clear, that every word of praise ever written or said for Chacha’s was true. They were just out of the world, a bit on sour side, had just the right mix of spices, with ginger adding to the awesomeness. Though Bhaturas stuffed with Aloo (spiced up mashed potatoes) is something that you do not get at many places and it definitely is an USP for Chacha, however we all seemed to appreciate the plain ones more. And yes, we ended up having more Bhaturas after the first round, all washed down with the Nimbu Lemon from a stall next door.

Chacha’s Chhole Bhature, up, close and personal.


A very simple serving Chhole, Bhature, Onions and Green Chilly
Nimbu Lemon wala who helped us wash it all down

Now it was clear, that Nagpal, Sita Ram and Chacha cannot be compared, you just cannot choose between the three, all of them are epitome of Chholle Bhature, they are in a league of their own, and best examples of a food item, that literally defines Delhi. However a word of warning for whoever wants to visit these places or any other popular Bhature waala mentioned in this post, be there before 1 pm, after that chances are slim that you would be able to find them serving.

And yes, there are a few other super awesome Chhole Bhature Waalas, like Ramesh or Aaojee in Patel Nagar, Odeon Sweets in Gole Market, Radhe Shyam in Pahar Ganj, Om in Karol Bagh (Dev Nagar) however for me they are just a step and mind you ‘just a step’ below the Holy Trinity. And then comes a league of which most notable mentions are Anand in Krishna Market of Lajpat Nagar, Chhoti Hatti in West Patel Market, CL Corner, next to Fun Cinemas (erswhile Natraj) in Moti Nagar and a few others. And mind you, I recommend all of them, everyone would have a personal favorite, however I just told you my order of preference.

Talking about Chacha, I guess this is the first time I am putting a rating of 5/5, just go there and be proud of being a Delhiite…eerrr… Dilliwala !

Address : 
Chache Di Hatti
32, Bungalow Road, Behind Krori Mal College,
Kamla Nagar, New Delhi

Closed on Sundays, and be there before 1 pm.

To stay informed about our outings and other activities please join us on our Facebook Page. For more information about FED Raids, click here.  

Author: Shashank

CFE – Cheap Food Enthusiast Entrepreneur by birth, hippie by heart he is here just because he loves to eat. This adventurous biker is constantly looking for new avenues to satisfy his insatiable hunger for food & life. Though he loves sugar dense food, there is nothing sugar coated about him- brutally honest with his words, he often ruffles feathers with his stark naked opinions about food, fancy restaurants & orthodox ideas.

23 thoughts on “Chache Di Hatti – Proud to be a Dilliwala”

  1. awesome post and mouth watering pics.. i remember wen i used to be literally addicted to these for 3 years while studying in campus .. glad to see d banta wala still around.. d best part is you can eat so many of the bhaturas (esp d stuffed aloo ones) and still not feel heavy and bloated… d post n pics just makes me wanna go again..

  2. This is the food I like and I miss! It's really a pleasure for me having found your blog! It's like if I was there with you…tasting and smelling!….Waiting for the next raid!

  3. ahaa! indeed twas fun …i liked the aloo ones more …added to it the company was awsm:D
    it was my first raid …looking frwd for the next raid 🙂

  4. I had been to the place last year. Had loved the Pathurey and Choleys accompanied with a chilled Lemon Soda. This post renewed old memories 🙂

  5. I prefer the Plain Bhaturas over the aloo ones, because they are less oily, and the taste of the bhatura comes out unadulterated, and also because I'm not a fan of aloo.The chole with a dash of ginger, the tangy taste and oodles of pure desi ghee – Just perfect 🙂

  6. Grew up having Chache's bhaturas courtesy living and growing up in Kamla Nagar. That was the time when Kamla Nagar was not called K-Nags in the university slang. However he did open pack-up well before lunch time. Yet, there were no milling crowds. Quite often he was called at the family functions in the afternoon 🙂

  7. Reminded me of my glory days of my graduation….for 3 years (1998-2001) I had my breakfast here !!! every freakin day and what a start to the day it used to be…

    Have some amazing memories of this place which are gushing to my mind here…

    Next time you go do try the Fruit Beer at Mini Shop as well…thats also a Kamla Nagar – Cult Classic !!!

    Amazing pics…

    During my next India Trip in August I am surely going here for a bite as it has been a real long time since I enjoyed Chacha's !!!

    Cheers to Life…

  8. one of my Foofaji did his Law from DU and he now stays in Vasant Kunj…when we used to visit him (while I was staying in RP Bagh, North Delhi) he always used to tell us…"no sweets, only 2 plate aloo-waale chhole bhathure from chacha" !!! 😀

  9. What time they open. And at that time also , is there a Queue. Had to return twice due to long queues and no parking !

  10. Thanks for your response and sharing your memories ! Memories and stories are the things that makes a place special and as is evident, Chacha has a long list of them associated with him.

    And I guess they open at around 9:30 am, cannot comment about the queue, however finding parking in market in the first half of the day should not be a problem at all.

  11. hey you all didnt hv lassi thr… along with it??!! this is The quinessential campus meal 🙂 ….jinne du campus vich eh nayi khaya o jamyaa hi nai!! 🙂

  12. 4 yrs of north campus and umpteen no of plates way back in late 90's, i make sure to have them whenever i am in that part of town…sadly they are not as tasty as they were at one point of time….

    At one pt of time it was the best chole bhature i have eaten till i tasted sitaram and later nagpal…..for me both of them are marginally better than chachas…..

  13. Boss,
    Your blogs are simply superb about Delhi food. I just in fact came across your blog. I used to be visiting Delhi as a kid where my Nani used to stay at Khaari Baaoli, so the chandni chowk side was well known to me by and large. But the other parts which you have reviewed are simply stupendous. In fact I am making a trip to Delhi on Sept 29, 2011 for probably 2 days and wanna make much out of it atleast on the palate front. I would love to meet you if possible and if so drop me a mail on my mailbox with your cell number, so that i could get in touch with you. I would really love to visit some of these places which I never knew about and through your blog they have my mouth watering.

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