Yum Yum Lunch at Yum Yum Tree

So I have been craving for Chinese since I saw Kung Fu Panda 2. This movie too had a dumpling sequence but not as mouth watering as the first one. So I headed to the best place for that and it was Yum Yum Tree (YYT).

Yum yum tree is located in New Friends Colony (NFC) market. It has always looked the same and has been well maintained for years now. I have always wondered why they haven’t moved from there. But YYT has its share of loyalists and I think I am one of them. I love everything about the place, the lighting, the sweet staff, lemon scented candles and obviously the food. The only place I know which has a “dumplings only” platter. A meal consisting only of soup, a million varieties of dumplings and dessert. Yummm..

YYT’s specialty lies in its simplicity be it their decor or their food.

This time we ordered 2 starters i.e. asparagus stuffed whole wheat dumplings (of course) and crispy hot-sweet lotus stem. The main course included pan fried noodles paired with assorted vegetables in garlic sauce. And a cola-lemon-ginger-mint mocktail and a Shirley Temple.

The dimsums were everything I was craving for. Filled with tiny bits of asparagus, the whole wheat dimsums were quite a treat. I have always avoided whole wheat, whole grain and other healthy options as a rule as they ruin, well everything. But this one was phenomenal. It just came together so well with the honey chilly sauce. The crunchy asparagus, the slight flavor of garlic and hot and sweet honey chilly sauce, it was just perfect.

The hot-sweet-crunchy lotus stems dish was another one made well. The lotus stems were crunchy and deep fried and had a sweet and chilly tinge to it. It tasted so brilliant that I didnt bother to put anything alongside it.

The main course consisted of pan fried noodles and assorted vegetables in garlic sauce. Pan fried noodles were filled with my favorite vegetables, loads of mushrooms, bok choy (cabbage look-alike), sugar snaps (beans look alike) and other veggies. It was well made, crispy and noodly and syrupy at the same time. The veggies in garlic sauce were brilliant. All the veggies were cooked well but retained their original colour and crunchiness. But the sauce. Oh the sauce. Garlic with a slight hint of the Black Bean Sauce flavour infused into each of the veggies and cooked perfectly.

Even the mocktails that we ordered were refreshing.

What a wonderful, flavourful lunch I had. YYT lives up to its name.

The last time I had visited this place, I had ordered the Dimsum Platter and Margarita. Now what can I say about the Dimsum Platter. The best Dimsums I have ever heard. Spongy and cooked to perfection with fillings ranging from cabbage, garlic, asparagus, tofu and what not. It was not a picnic but a carnival in my mouth. I was happy just by looking at the platter. And the margarita is the best I have ever had. Not too strong neither too light and perfectly refreshing in this hot weather.

This is a great place to go to eat great Chinese food in a reasonable budget. The staff is sweet and polite and non intrusive and highly recommends the Dimsum Platter (and why shouldn’t they, Dimsums rule).

Must try this awesome place on the first floor of NFC market.

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  1. As I said Vandy, awesome entry, and though I am not a big fan of Chinese food, however after reading this I will ensure that you take me along there once.. and its nice to know about Chinese from a vegetarians perspective. !

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