Sampling Kachori and Samosa at Hira in Shahdara

Yesterday I was scouting the bazaars of Shahdara, looking for a quick bite for my combo of breakfast and lunch around 12 in the noon (brunch, as the more enlightened lot calls it), when my eyes settled on a shop which looked extremely crowded. And then I realised it was Hira sweets, a name quite popular in Delhi’s traditional food scape, particularly for their Balushahis. Couple of shops away was Hira Namkeen Bhandar, which I was told was part of Hira Sweets only, however later realised that Hira Sweets and Hira Namkeen Bhandar have different owners, albeit they are brothers. 

Kachoris @ Hira Namkeen Bhandar
I spotted Kachoris at Hira Namkeen Bhandar, and started to drool :P. I did not bother to look at anything else on offer. They have a separate counter outside the main shop was serving Kachori and Samosas, which at Rs.20 per plate were quite steeply priced. I was with my cousin and we started with a Samosa first, which I am glad they serve with Aloo Subzi and Methi ki Chutney. I have always liked my samosas with Subzi or Chhole rather than Chutney, cannot tell you why, but its the way it is. And then it was turn of their Kachori, which I found to be surprisingly small for the price.
Samosa with Aloo Subzi and Methi ki Chutney
The samosa’s filling was mixed with proper spices, and Subzi mixed with Chutney gave some contrasting flavors, which I thought were lovely. In kachoris the Pithi stuffed tasted fine, however a soft white layer of flour under the crispy crust suggested that they should have been fried on a slower flame for a bit longer. That Layer is a big turnoff in kachoris and for me, it separates the best from the rest.

My rating – 3.5/5, though the food was really good, however in Delhi we get much better Kachoris and Samosas at several places. That said, if I am in Shahdara or surrounding areas, then I would make sure that I go back to Hira Namkeen Bhandar to sample the goodies once more.

PS : Pics shot from Mobile Phone camera, so please pardon the quality.

Author: Shashank

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4 thoughts on “Sampling Kachori and Samosa at Hira in Shahdara”

  1. oh.. i'v had this somedays bck.. that market is also a treat yaaaar.. hira sweets ki baalushahi is also amazng prepard fresh on rakshabandhan which is about to cme.. n they even serve samosa with that famous alu ki sabji which is a better than bhogal for sure

  2. Dear Shaahank, In the main market of Shahdara, after the railway bridge there is a Chhole wala, a master of his craft. If you like it hot, be sure to ask 'tej mirch'.. – Delhiwala

  3. i think that the sabji they give is really nice .. and the also .. when you go to shahdra next time , there is a shop in Naveen Shahdra which serves really good samosa with tangy pyaz ki chutney .. thats also good ! 🙂 .. .but yes hira sweets has better sweets than kachori and stuff !! And the namkeen shop is just average i think !

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