Kulcha King’s Amritsari Kulcha – not for my platter

Amritsari Kulcha. A puzzle that can only be solved with my visit to Amritsar and eating atleast at 2-3 better known places. People who are in know of food, complain that Delhi does not have any place which comes even close to the stuff they serve in Amritsar.

However that does not stop the Food Enthusiasts from exploring whatever is available and one name that popped up few months back was Kulcha King, at Ring Road Market in Sarojini Nagar. I went there on an EOiD outing few months back, and at that time the decision seems unanimous, that regardless of the crowds he gets, we were not much fond of Kulcha King’s Kulchas.

 On one of the rainy days past week, I was riding by the area, and hunger pangs literally forced me to to pay another visit to this outlet. Though I remember not loving the place first time around, however I do not recall me hating it as well. So thought another shot would is well deserved.

Masala Kulcha

Its looks like lot of spice, but it does not do much to taste.
Chhole and Chutney waale Pyaz
Boondi Raita at Rs. 10 per serving

I had a Masala Kulcha to start with, normal Aloo Kulcha, with a mix of spices sprinkled on in, and then a Paneer Kulcha. On being asked, the owner didn’t seem to have an answer, but just kept repeating it was Garam Masala. It was served with chhole and finely chopped onions in imli chutney. However like the first time round, I found the chhole to be too bland for my taste. Kulchas were well made, however lack of flavor in Chhole did disappoint me a bit.

Paneer Kulcha

Paneer Kulcha was actually very well done.
The simple menu

As mentioned earlier, I am not sure how they serve it in Amritsar, but I surely hope this is not the way it is done, if it is, then I don’t think I would ever appreciate it.

Author: Shashank

CFE – Cheap Food Enthusiast Entrepreneur by birth, hippie by heart he is here just because he loves to eat. This adventurous biker is constantly looking for new avenues to satisfy his insatiable hunger for food & life. Though he loves sugar dense food, there is nothing sugar coated about him- brutally honest with his words, he often ruffles feathers with his stark naked opinions about food, fancy restaurants & orthodox ideas.

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  1. Nopes neva eva in Amritsar..Although i too missed paying a visit too All India Famous Kulcha @ Maqbool Road,Amritsar dis tymm.. but hv tried on earlier visits..Dey were much much betta den dese by look of it also..But Amritsar a must fr FODDIES..:DDD

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