Pahar Ganj, with a Multani Twist – by Pankaj Sain

Today After dropping someone off at the New Delhi Railway station at 7.00 am I decided to go to Multani Dhanda in Paharganj area near the station to pick up a Multani Mukund Vadies. 
As I was buying those in Gali No.6 (Multan Moth Walla) I chanced upon an old man selling some Multani Moth Kackori and Moth dal chawal. As a true foodie just could not stop myself and found myself eating the awesome treats from this 80+ year old man who informed me that he has been doing so since the last 50+ years !!
Experienced hand. Serving Moth Kachori.
I was a wonderful experience as I chatted with him for a long time about how that part of town has changed over years and about Multan (now in Pakistan), about the partition as my maternal family hail from there too.
After that I walked up to Gali No.7 to a place called Janata Sweets which is also 50+ years old.The serve the most phenomenal piping hot Malpuras and Halwa Followed by delectable Peethi Ki Poori and Chhola!! This visit was an eye opener all inspired by all you great guys at FED!!
Pooris being made
Old School
The front of the shop.
I highly recommend these two places and the Mukund Vadies (a great substitute for meat) are to die for !!
Text & Pictures by Pankaj Sain
Edited by Shashank Aggarwal
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Author: Shashank

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    1. yes,take toke from rk ashram station stop, r.k ashram is the nearest station to pahar ganj,when you getout from the train take rickshaw to pahar ganj multani dhanda metro

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