Ganesh Fish Corner and Sandoz – FED Raid – By Kapil Bahl

As it is rightly said that the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach, it was during a discussion at the park plaza dinner that Shashank offered to convert an upcoming FED friends event to a Non-Vegetarian FED Raid in case I was open to lead and I must THANK Park Plaza for the good food we ate there. So, that’s when we decided to open the invite to all fellow FED members for a mid-week raid at Ganesh Fish in Karol Bagh.
Last Friday some of the fellow FED’s had done an Old Gurgaon Raid to some lip smacking places and we had agreed to visit Ganesh fish this Wednesday.
I reached the meeting point by 7:10 PM and was pleasantly surprised to see 12 fellow FED members there. After the exchange of pleasantries we started walking towards Ganesh Fish at 7:30 PM and were out there by 7:45 PM. Since the seating area inside is small, we had to wait for 15 mins so that the large crowd of 12 hungry FED’s could be accommodated.
As we squeezed ourselves in the tiny back alley of Ganesh’s inner seating place (once a backbencher always a backbencher), we ordered Egg Pakora, Tandoori Fish, Fish Fry with bone, Boneless Fish Fry, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Pakora, Mutton Korma and Chapati’s.
The Egg Pakora was the first thing to come, it was fresh, the batter soft but overall a bland taste, he sprinkled some Chaat Masala over them but that did not help. The Mutton Seekh Kebabs, looked fresh, and well done. They were soft, chewy and tasteful.
The Tandoori Chicken was the next item to arrive; mildly flavored it was and can be ignored. Probably, the local colony dhaba in your area serves better. We waited for the star item (Fish) to arrive with bated breadth and the first to arrive was Tandoori Fish and a full fried medium sized fish.
The pieces in the Tandoori Fish were large and had a tangy flavor to it. FED members who have tried Paramjeet at Moti Nagar agreed that Paramjeet is way ahead of Ganesh. I agreed to their point of view, even my local (now closed) Dhaba served better Tandoori Fish. It was time to taste the next product, the Fried Fish. Again, the batter had no taste and texture. The batter coating was uneven with uneven frying, looked like a case of trying to fry too much in too little space.
We had Hemant, Shashank, and Inder joining us to check on how the evening was proceeding and after a little chat with them we decided to order boneless Fish Fry and Chicken Pakora with mutton korma and chapatis since we had couple of FED members joining us (took the tally to 14). The boneless Fish Fry was better since it was fried in small pieces and had better flavor to it. The Chicken Pakora is a better bet than Tandoori Chicken in terms of flavor and taste.
The Mutton Korma was bland; it tasted like a Vegetable Curry which had no spices in it. The mutton was rubbery and not at all good.
All in all the fish at Ganesh is fresh to say the least but order if you must, our bet is on Chicken Pakora, Mutton Seekh Kebab and Boneless Fish Fry.
While all of us were mumbling and grumbling regarding the experience at Ganesh there was a Gola urge that hit us from Ajit’s end, he wanted to have a Kaala Khatta Gola….huh…??? After a cheeky commitment to him, and couple of quick SOS calls to fellow FED members we decided to have light dinner at next door Sandoz.
At Sandoz we ordered Dal Makhni, Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani, and Malai Chicken Tikka. The Dal Makhani was overtly creamed which made it bland and was ignored by all. The boneless Butter Chicken has soft and crunchy pieces with a please to all gravy which was not overtly creamed or buttered bringing in nice decent texture to it.
The Malai Chicken was soft and tender with a sour flavor to it indicating use of cream and curd combination, finally something with taste. The highlight was the Chicken Biryani and the curry served with it. The biryani was cooked to perfection probably a good dum, with an aromatic flavor to it and blended very well with the curry. The quality of rice and chicken used were appreciated by all.
After having much better food at Sandoz, Ajit’s Gola was back to haunt us and there started the quest to search for a Kaala Khatta Gola at 10 in the night. After a short walk we realized that Gola is a mistimed adventure we decided to settle for the famous Stick Kulfi which was the standard fair at 10:20 pm in night.
The best compliment and observation of the night was that we should have such mid-week RAID’s as they energize us to bravely face Tom Tom Thursdays and frying Fridays…:)
Text by Kapil Bahl
Editing by Shashank Aggarwal 
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Author: Shashank

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  1. Hey Kapil .. Thanks for the review .. Though i missed the RAID yesterday was planning for it in the coming days .. But now i would like to stick with Paramjeet at Moti Nagar .. As for the mid week Non-Veg raids go .. Totally with you all .. There are still many unexplored places left in Delhi .. So lets make a list of those and start the quest for FLESH 🙂

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