Sardar Ji ke Amritsari Naan/Kulche – Pitampura Court Waale

Every other food enthusiast in Delhi would have a nomination for the best naans in the city. My elusive search for the best naans ended with discovery of this small Pitampura shop, in which I now have a contender.
One day while I was on routine visit to my worksite in Haiderpur, I found an otherwise inconspicuous corner of Pitampura liven up with a small happy crowd. Supposedly, a Sardarji had shifted his naan shop from Pitampura court to this place, and hence the ensuing swarm of Delhi’s janta, ever interested in good food.
What I liked the most is their authenticity & simplicity – implicit right in the shops’ name – which makes a no-nonsense simple statement. Want authentic Amritsari naan? Come here and have it.
The menu is short and simple. A single naan thali for Rs. 50 & a double naan thali for Rs. 80. Naans are stuffed with a spiced mixture of grated gobhi and are served hot and fresh with a generous helping of amul butter. The curry accompaniments include Aalu matar, Dal Makhani, Rajma and Chhole. Raita, cut onions marinated in mint chutney and green chilli pickle are also served with the thali.
While the curries, chutneys and raita are delicious and tasteful; those are the naans which steal the show. They are not just dishes of rolled maida baked in tandoor that you find elsewhere in Delhi in the name of naan. A look at the dough reveals that it is more than just kneaded maida, and the naan is skilfully shaped and baked to perfection. Hot, crisp and rich with butter, they are exquisite and wholesome at the same time.
Apart from naan, also in the menu is rice with Rajma/Chhhole, but they are a distant comparison with the naan.
While the number of naans are fixed for each thali, one can have as much of curry or raita as one wishes – ensuring a packed stomach on every visit to the sardaarji’s shop.
Service is quick and efficient. The place looks hygienic and clean on a street-food scale. There is no seating arrangement.
This shop is situated right in front of an electricity grid near the first red light on the road from Madhuban chowk towards Haiderpur. Those using the metro can get down at Pitampura station, walk to Madhuban chowk & then take some conveyance uptil the first red light in the direction of Haiderpur/Muqarba Chowk.
For the more tech-inclined, just search – +28° 42′ 30.08″, +77° 8′ 9.01″ – in google maps for the exact location
The place remains open only for lunch.
I submit it to my fellow food enthusiasts to make a visit to Sardaarji’s shop themselves and experience for themselves the pleasures of good food.
Written by Nikhil Mahant 

Author: Shashank

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  1. Try Naans at Baljinder — Paschim Vihar in case you wish to have better ones! This joint used to be good while it was at a thela outside court. Their sabzi and curd is full of water.

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