The Golconda Bowl – Hyderabadi Delight in Delhi

I visited The Golconda Bowl last Sunday (10th February). We were three of us, me along with my mother and my wife. The experience was just superb and I can’t explain it without going into hyperbole so I won’t even try.
We started off with the Patthar ke Gosht. It has to be one of the best starters I have ever tasted. It was different and full of flavor. We must have polished it off in 5 minutes flat. The manager walked up to us and, much to our embarrassment, said the portions might seem small but it actually consists of around 300 grams of meat which is flattened after pounding and thus the reduced size. The dish just totally left us asking for more and that is the primary job of a starter. Well begun, half done.
Next in line was the Hyderabadi Murgh Kofta Curry. Balls made of minced chicken cooked in a rich spicy gravy. The highlight of this dish was that one could easily make out the amount of time that the chicken was put into the marinade. It was slightly high on the garam masala but absolutely no complaints. We are not too much into butter naans and butter rotis and so we had ordered plain rotis. IT was an ideal  accompaniment. Just to give an idea about the quantity I would say it’s ideal for 3 people. It had around 6-7 chicken meat balls and sufficient gravy. 
Lastly we had ordered the Kacche Gosht ki Biryani. This was THE HIGHLIGHT of the day. I was slightly apprehensive considering there were two ladies and it was the third dish, but all my concerns were laid to rest. We wiped on the entire thing. I am not an expert on cuisine but all I will say is that I am a total Biryani person. Biryani would be my choice if someone asked me what my last meal would be if the world ends. This particular version at GB was the best ever. Lots of well-cooked soft meat, no overpowering dalchini, and just the perfect amount of oil made it perfect. It was accompanied by Mirchi ka Salan and Raita. We couldn’t resist eating with our hands and right in the middle of our meal, the manager walked up again and with a broad smile said I just love the fact that you guys are eating with your hands. I have time and time again told patrons that biryani is best enjoyed with hands but people here are just too conscious. 
Even after eating a lot by our standards there was no feeling of over eating or feeling bloated. Infact by evening we were hungry again! 
The place is simply done up, there are no in your face artifacts. It’s a basic seating arrangement. The service was quite good although nothing to specially mention. The waiters insisted on serving each portion and even refilled the plates which was good. The Mirchi ka Salan and drinks (Jal Jeera and Aam Panna) were standard affairs and nothing to write home about. I don’t know if Hyderabadi Cuisine has raw onions part of the spread but that was one thing I would have added. Cut onions with or without vinegar. A typical Dilli wala loves his sirke waale pyaaz with anything . 
All in all a wonderful experience and nothing to complain. Would love to visit again.
Written by Sidharth Satpathy and shared on Eatlo

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