Vada Pav brought to Delhi by Goli Vada Pav No.1

Vada Pav is something that has no footing in Delhi at all, and its almost impossible to find one except for very few places in Delhi. So when I heard that Goli Vada Pav No.1 is opening their shutter in Delhi, I got very excited about it as had heard a lot about them from my friends who keep travelling to Mumbai and Bangalore.
Being a franchise based model I was not expecting the Mumbai street taste in them, however still was looking forward to their offerings as something is better than nothing. Plus was also told by someone that their vadas (or patties :P) are being manufactured in same units as McDonald’s.
What does the packaging remind you off ??
Me and my friends walked into their newly opened store in Karol Bagh (under Metro Station) and ordered ourselves 4 of their menu of 8-9 vada-pavs. If I remember correct we had Masala Vada Pav, Regular Pada Pav, Schezwan Vada Pav and Spinach and corn one.
First things first, all of them tasted like we were eating something from a McDonald’s store or something from a McCain’s product line. The taste was nothing like the genuine vada pav I have had, but the Schezwan flavored one really stood out. The combination was working quite well for me and my friends. Corn and Spinach one did seem interesting, however being the last one to go in us, I guess our lack of hunger and hence desire did not do justice to it. So it is something that I plan on trying once again.
Over all the pricing the just right, priced between Rs. 25 to 50, it is a very affordable snack and if you are looking for something on the go this is just what you would eat. However its not something you will eat if you are looking for the genuine Mumbai taste or you are too particular about nutrition.

Author: Shashank

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13 thoughts on “Vada Pav brought to Delhi by Goli Vada Pav No.1”

  1. Well the vada and pav whatever they serve is tasty thats nice, but if its not original in taste to the Mumbai one. then it cannot be called as Vada pav.. !

    The taste has to be authentic.. or it is just a way to earn money by naming your product with a famous name.. !
    that is not done !

    1. haha! well – its a vada and its a pav. in Mumbai also they sell good ones and I have had bad ones. Plus its a big chain.. and I never expect them to deliver super awesome or authentic taste. Its all about convenience and above average taste.

    2. Dudes go to Daryaganj Market and try the vada pao at the pavbhaaji stall…and ul feel as if ur eating in Mumbai only…all 3 items vada pao,paav bhaaji n bhelpuri are awsummmmm

  2. I was a big fan of Goli.. For past 4 years, I've been praying that goli shud come to delhi. But after the 21cr. funding they have gone all wrong. They set their base kitchen in Palwal for the Northern reason, and somehow went wrong with their products. The only good thing is the Makkai-corn pav for which they use the Mccain tikki. Their branding is so pathetic (check out the satya niketan outlet) My excitement made me visit all outlets in delhi ncr and even in Lucknow. And I have to say that Goli is doing pathetic in Delhi. Their staff is untrained (twice has it happened that i've asked for some product and offered some other), and their statement of being India's answer to Mcdonalds is ridiculous. Anyways, of what I've heard, they're doing pretty well because of the low pricing. But being such a fan, I feel very very disappointed!

  3. well i have tried goli vada pav many times! Its a good spicy snack! Atleast its better to have vada pav rather than having a burger! I have tasted schewan and masala vada pav..its tasty and very spicy! But the best authentic vada pav that u can get in delhi is in dilli haat (maharashtra food stall)..

  4. I tried this around 2 years back when they sponsored a business event in delhi. Tastes good, however cannot be tagged as authentic maharastrian vada pao. Otherwise, its a perfect light snack and I am looking forward to visiting their outlet soon.

  5. Goli vada pav is 5 mins away from my home!I love spicy food so i loved goli vada pav! I had masala vada pav which was very spicy and i loved it.I have also tried Schewzan vada pav which has chinese twist!

  6. I have not vada pav of Bombay, but I specially visited kalkaji from Jhandewalan to have just that. Liked it OK but not great. However, their dry chutney was real good. I have one question : are the Pavs really served cold in Bombay ?

  7. The Maharashtra stall at Delhi Haat, INA serves the best vada paav. It was simple and straight on the taste. The paav was fresh and the vaada with the green chutney and hari mirch was bang on your taste buds. I highly recommend that place and they have a lot of maharashtrian cuisines on the menu.

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