Wholesome Breakfast At McDonalds

Normally my breakfast is divided into 3 Phases……
  1. Around 7 am, when tiffin is being packed for my kids for their school recess.
  2. Around 8:30 am which is my “usual” Breakfast time.
  3. And then when I am just about to leave for office, I feel like munching something again, which is sometimes a small snack, raat ki bachi hui Suji Firni, Custard or even Nariyal ki Barfi ka piece.
You see when I was a kid, I read some where : “Eat your breakfast like a King, your lunch like a Prince and your dinner like a Pauper”. So now you see that I may not have agreed to all the three points but I do adhere and religiously follow the first one of eating breakfast like a KING.
But 13th March was different. Shashank Aggarwal and myself were invited to check out the new breakfast menu at McDonald’s, Janpath branch in Connaught place. The new menu is being promoted with the BREAKFAST DAY being celebrated on 18th March by McDonald’s across 30 Countries.
Yes THIRTY!! Will come to that later.
So, today I just had my first breakfast with kids and then keeping my palate clean and leaving enough space in my tummy for McDonald’s breakfast menu left for CP.
I remember coming to this outlet often. The first time in 2002 when I gave my first ever interview for a job at Appu Ghar, and then in order to recollect my experience came to McDonald’s and while sitting on the corner table near entrance kept scribbling how I would promote Appu Ghar. I still have those papers with me. And though I did get the job but since the profile was different, those ideas never saw the light of the day. I was expecting to see old furniture and dull interiors, as it is an old store. But I was so wrong. It looked sparkling new from all angles. I liked that McDonald’s believes in evolving regularly and another experience of visiting the kitchen at the same restaurant cemented my view.
The staff there was expecting us and greeted us well and without wasting any time we ordered the breakfast.
Between me and Shashank, we ordered the following :-
    • Veg Supreme McMuffin    
    • Two Hash Browns    
    • Two Chicken Sausage McMuffin with Egg  
    • One Egg and Cheese McMuffin
    • Two Iced Teas
We started with Sausage McMuffin with Egg. Need to confess McEgg Burger has been my favorite since it was launched and now having it with a muffin, a slice of cheese and sausage patty did it’s effect on me. The Muffins/Bun were different than regular buns, looked healthier and had a very distinctive taste to it. I am used to having Maharaja Mac regularly, that’s why the McMuffin looked really small in my hands, but not when I ate it. With each bite I could relish the Bun, Sausage, Cheese and Egg pieces and it made for a wonderful combination. The Hash Browns were crunchy from outside but very soft from inside which made us relish our McMuffin more. It was tasty and filling. It left a good after-taste of a well grilled sausage in my mouth.

Caught in the act.. 😀

Now we shifted our attention to the Veg Supreme McMuffin. Veg Supreme is a vegetarian version of Chicken McGrill with the filling of the similar Minty Mayo, Onion Rings, Tomatoes but the patty was very different and made with vegetables and as in McSausage, the Bun/Muffin was tasty and soft. Though we have had our fill, still we wanted to check how McSausage Egg would taste with out the egg as it would give us a better taste of Sausage.

Hash Browns

McMuffin with Chicken Sausage, Cheese and Egg

The Vegetarian Version

Chicken McMuffin (without the Egg)

Need to say that the results were encouraging and we liked the basic versions too. Almost at par with premium offerings. While talking we realized that one McMuffin offers us enough for our Breakfast fill with all the right nutrients. For example the Veggie McMuffin had a good combination of carbs and proteins.  Similarly the Non-veg version provided enough carbs and proteins with it’s Sausage and Steamed Egg combination.

Though we had ordered Iced Tea but did not sip it till the end as tea would then over power the taste of Muffins and we may have wrong conclusions. But we did finish it after our breakfast and relished it completely.

As we were a bit late and the breakfast counter closes at 11 am, we had to miss out on Pancakes which they offer with maple syrup and butter. But we are sure to have it soon and share the feedback.
So now we come back to where we started about Breakfast Day being celebrated in 30 countries. On 18th March, Almost 5000 McDonald”s Restaurants across Asia, Middle East and South Africa are celebrating the NATIONAL BREAKFAST DAY by organizing “WORLD’S BIGGEST EVER BREAKFAST”. On that day, McDonald’s is offering 1000 McMuffins per outlet (Choice of Egg McMuffin or Veggie McMuffin) totally free on first come first served basis to 1000 Customers!!!!!!!!!!! The same is valid at all outlets that serve Breakfast, be it In-store, Take Away or Drive-Thru!

National Breakfast Day by McDonald’s

So, set your alarms early for Monday 18th March so that before office you could stop over to your nearest McDonald’s outlet Serving Breakfast and relish the McMuffin and be part of this historic Moment along with 5 Million McDonald’s Customers spanning Asia, Middle East and South Africa.

Isn’t this the best way to wade out Monday morning Blues? 🙂
And Yeah, Now onward Remember to Eat your Breakfast Like a KING!!

Written by Gurpreet Singh Tikku

Pictures Shot using a Nokia Lumia 800 by Shashank Aggarwal

Author: Shashank

CFE – Cheap Food Enthusiast Entrepreneur by birth, hippie by heart he is here just because he loves to eat. This adventurous biker is constantly looking for new avenues to satisfy his insatiable hunger for food & life. Though he loves sugar dense food, there is nothing sugar coated about him- brutally honest with his words, he often ruffles feathers with his stark naked opinions about food, fancy restaurants & orthodox ideas.

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