What to eat in Chandni Chowk?

This post is part of What to eat in Walled City OR Old Delhi? series. Chandni Chowk starts from Jain Temple towards the Red Fort and extends till Fatehpuri Masjid on the other end. The entire stretch would be approximately 2km and is dotted with legend after the Legend. There are  outlets in these areas which are institutions and have been around for more than couple of centuries (yes.. CENTURIES) and then there are tourist traps, mediocre food sellers (still better than New Delhi food :P) and McDonald’s.

1. Natraj Dahi Bhalle – One of the most popular and talked about outlet selling Bhalle and Tikki from a corner shop. I have eaten here a couple of times, never really enjoyed the food, but then people around me have gone gaga about it. So better make your own call.

Old Delhi curd based chaat
Natraj ke Dahi Bhalle in Chandni Chowk

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2. Old Famous Jalebi – Have heard lot of mixed reviews about this one, generally bordering on the negative side, however when I ate their jalebis for the first time,a few weeks back, I ended up loving it. Most of the people look for ‘thin’ jalebis as that is their perception of good jalebi and they think if its thick, it’s bad. However it’s an art to make a good jalebi which is thick and according to me, this guy is a master of it. I did taste some Khoya / Paneer in his jalebi for sure. Crisp on the outside, its juicy and succulent on the inside. Just a warning – They come across as arrogant in their behavior, but then I don’t give a damn.

Sweet Indian Delicacy in Old Delhi
Thick, Juicy & Crispy Jalebis from Old & Famous in Chandni Chowk

3. Gali Paranthe Waali – Skip it! it’s a sham, it’s a tourist trap. It’s a black spot on Dilli ke paranthe. The paranthas that they make, are nothing like paranthas are supposed to be or are in our homes or anywhere else. You can go there to try the food item on offer, but then it’s not really delicious and it’s not really Parantha. However in the same street you will get some awesome Nan Khatai being baked on a cart, do try that , plus there are couple of shops selling decent Khurchan, Rabri and Milkcake.

Different Vegetable & Spice Mixes to be filled in the Parantha
Choice of stuffing available for the Parantha.
Dips, sauces and condiments at Gali Paranthe Wali
Aloo Subzi, Kaddu Subzi, Kele waali Meethi Chutney & green Chutney are served with Paranthas
This is how it looks like.
One of the Paranthas at Gali Paranthe Wali
They bake it right on the streets, as fresh as it can get.
Baking fresh Nan khatai at Gali Paranthe Wali
They bake it right on the streets, as fresh as it can get.
Must try these Nan Khatais  at Gali Paranthe Wali

4. Ghante Waala, Annapurna, KunwarJi – Sweet shops that I have heard a lot about, but never got around to trying. But you might want to try or do your own research.

5. Dogra Snack, Outside Gandhi Maidan Parking, PhatPhat Service’s stand – Now this is bit off the trail, but this guy sells some of the yummiest Ram Ladoos (Dal ki pakodi), Bread Pakode and other things like Karele ke pakode (Yes! pakoda made out of Bitter Gourd). Must try.

Dipped in batter and deep fried.. still Bitter gourd
Karela or Bitter Gourd Pakoda at Dogra
You would need those for karela pakodas for sure.
Chutneys and other condiments at Dogra
Dipped in batter and deep fried.. still Bitter gourd
Ram Laddoo at Dogra
Dipped in batter and deep fried.. still Bitter gourd
Bread Pakore at Dogra

6. Haldiram’s / Wahi Ji Wah / McDonald’s – Ignore, unless you want the chain effect.. 😛

7. Ved Prakash Lemon Waale, Near Town Hall – If you are a firang (foreigner :P) you might want to avoid this due to the ice used, or else this is one of the most refreshing  and popular drinks you can have in Indian Summer.

Lemon Soda at Ved Prakash Lemon Waale

8. Shiv Mishthan Bhandar – I have been there once, went there for Halwa Nagori, ended up having Puri, Chhole Bhature and couple of other things. One of the few places where you can savor Halwa-Nagori-Subzi. Plus I have been told that they are well known for their Jalebis as well, you might want to try them out.

Halwa Nagori and Subzi at Shiv Misthan Bhandar
9. Adarsh Bhojanalaya – This one is just off the main lane, in an alley towards your left. It’s more like a dining hall and they only serve a thali (Set Meal, Unlimited portions). The food is sattvik in nature and given the nature of the food is super clean and hygienic. For anyone who has been born and brought up in North India this would come across as the food from their home, however if you are a firang or someone not familiar with routine North Indian food and what to see how and what we eat at home, this is a perfect place to visit.
Thali at Adarsh Bhojanalya

10. Amritsari Lassi Corner – I am not a big sweet lassi fan, though it can be very healthy, still its filling, its full of calories and it puts me to sleep. However I never skip a chance to savor and enjoy an occasional good one. Have tried their basic sweet lassi (I do not believe in flavors) and it’s amongst the better one you can get in Delhi. As they do in Amritsar, these guys put a dollop of butter on your lassi too and then put a spoon on top to show how thick the lassi is as the spoon does not drown in the lassi. Must try if you are a Lassi fan or have never tried it.

Notice how the spoon is affloat on the lassi, though spoon is a super light, but still a cool gimmick.

11. Chaina Ram Sindhi Halwai – Now this location is legendary, bang on the T-Point, in the premises of Fateh Puri Mosque. Besides the location, they have managed to survive 2 centuries (Yup! you read it right). This place is an institution in itself and is a hot favorite for its sweets and other delicacies amongst the discerning audience of Walled city area. The most revered delicacy for me being Karachi Halwa, which they do like none other. I have also enjoyed his Poori-Chhole at breakfast and Paneer pakoda as a snack. Besides that I have savored their Ghevar, Gujiya, burfi etc. – each one manages to impress me.

Different versions of Karachi Halwa at Chaina Ram
Karachi Halwa at Chaina Ram
Paneer Pakoda at Chaina Ram
Paneer Pakoda at Chaina Ram
Suji Halwa at Chaina Ram
Breakfast of Puri Chhole at Chaina Ram
12. Gole Hatti – Right at the entry of khari baoli, it’s an outlet that I have been keen on visiting for couple of years, however got around to doing so few days back. I was expecting them to be serving stuffed Naans, like New Gole Hatti in Patel Nagar (run by same family). However here they have a very limited menu, serving Chhole Bhature, Chhole Kulche, Veg. Pulao, Chhole-Chawal-Palak, Dahi-Bhalle and Ras-Malai. It’s a super old school outlet, must try if you are in the area. Chhole-Palak-Chawal being the highlight for me. If you are a Delhi-hite you might not appreciate their style of serving Chhole Bhature, however I would still ask you to try them, just consider it a different style of having them, which it actually is (from Amritsar and beyond maybe).
Chhole Kulche and Chhole Bhature at Gol Hatti
Chhole Palak Chawal at Gol Hatti
They serve in a Kullad, adds lot of Character.
Chhole Palak Chawal at Gol Hatti
Dahi Bhalle at Gol Hatti

14. Giani Faluda – Another Super legend from the area, best known for its Rabri-Faluda and Dal-Halwa (only in winters, amongst best in New/Old Delhi). I cannot write anything about them which has not already been written. Must try as per me too.

Rabri Faluda at Giani’s
Rabri at at Giani’s
Gajar ka Halwa at at Giani’s

14. Kake-da-Dhaba – Better known for its naans, it sure is very popular in the area. During my couple of visits, I have enjoyed their stuffed naans and paranthas, however have been indifferent to their subzis and main dishes. If I were to recommend something, I would say order Dhurandar or Dhuandhaar Naan (confused between the actual name, however it has been named such as its stuffing is super fiery… :P) and Dal Makhani.

Dal Makhani at Kake-di-Hatti
Naan being served at at Kake-di-Hatti
A full Naan at Kake-di-Hatti
15. Mahalakshmi Sweets – Have only visited them twice, both times hunting for Halwa Nagori which is a breakfast item. Was not able to eat the Halwa Nagori, the first time round, Why? – Because we got there at 9 AM on a winter morning and they were already finished for the day. Then went there again couple of weeks later and just barely managed to get my hands on a few of those Nagoris at 8:30 AM. Was it worth it? HELL YEAH! The best I have ever had.
16. Inderpuri Dhaba – Have been there once, did not like anything that they served, however the day we visited them was a bad day and this place was a compromise for us. However some of my friends have recommended this place for their Dal Makhani. Just saying.
This brings us to the end of this list and just to remind you guys, this is neither comprehensive nor complete, this is just a list of places I have eaten at. There is this Samose waala, this fruit-cream waala, this paranthe waale, that Pulao waala that I am yet to checkout in the area. Plus random Chaat guys, Kanji Vada guys which have also satisfied my taste buds over the years. I hope I can eat and add more info into this post in times to come.
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  1. awesomeeee !!
    please keep adding to it .. this would be my mini guide 😀
    The two reasons why I love CC is for Lal mandir (Jain temple) because of the bird hospital and food !

    Looking fwd to more add-ons on the blog 😀

  2. Great research. One correction: If I am not wrong its Kake Di Hatti and not Kake Da Dhabha. Kake Da Dhabha is famous for its non veg located at CP. And Kake Di Hatti is famous for its Naan and raayta (Pure Veg) located at Chandni Chowk.

    1. Oh yeah my bad.. I am sure at some places I have written Hatti and at others Dhabha. And btw the way.. the one is CP is Kake Ka Hotel.. 😉

      And there is no research that has has went into it.. pure eating.. 😛

  3. Very nice and realistic post. I like the way you explain everything in such a short n straight manner. N so much of chandni chowk in one go. Now i have somw ideas to visit chandni chowk.. high 5 shashank for the hard work and appetite to put in. 🙂

  4. Aah it's such a relief to read a review on paranthe wali gali. Trust me i was so embarassed when some of my frnds came over to Delhi and asked me to take them for dinner to a famous place to eat and my bad.. i took them in paranthe wali gali. My frnd ended up discussing with the shop wala abot the misconceptions they have regarding parantha and its stuffing. They were serving burnt poori's on the name of parantha and said 'ye karari hai, jali hui nhi hai'..:D Even in their Meva (dryfruit) parantha they replaced kaaju by peanut.. It was the worst experience i cud have had. And it was around 10.30 at night so we ended up having burger at Mcd..:P

  5. Thanks for the detailed write up and the photos. I plan on going to Chandi Chowk tomorrow and want to dine on delectable street foods and this information will be helpful. As a foreigner it is difficult to know what to eat at many of these places. I'll go with a list of some of your suggestions and see what happens.

  6. Delhi is not only the capital of the nation, it undoubtedly is the food capital also. Such unending varieties of food items…. It seems food lovers living in other cities are missing something in their lives. After living in Delhi for 21 years, I am now living outside since last 19 years. After going through your article and gastronomic visuals, I regret migrating out of Delhi and missing out on all those yummy items.

  7. Just wanted to know if all these eateries are open on sunday..chandni chowk market is shut on sundays..but are all these shops open or not ?

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