All American Diner : Just not worth it.

All American Diner located in India Habitat Center has been a popular and well known joint in Delhi food scene. I have dined their 2-3 times over last couple of years and both the times have come out extremely disappointment. Sometimes I am surprised why people praise it so much, are they harping on lost glory, or are they nostalgic or just do not know their food??

Limiting this post to my latest experience a few days back, around 20 of us food lovers gathered there to check out their legendary breakfast on a Sunday morning. On their menu they offer a deal according to which you can order anything, as many times from the first three pages of the menu. The deal is for Rs.525 ++ and works out to Rs.670 net. The last order for the same being 10:45 am.

We were warned by friends that Sundays are busy days, the service is slow and all that, however I still believe that it is a commercial establishment, and if they accept my patronage, they have to deliver, no excuses taken.

Let me start from service itself, which was quite a disaster. There seemed to be only 2-3 servers to handle the super busy sunday morning and no wonder they all looked hassled as the day progressed. The waiter serving us looked clueless most of the times, however still seemed to do the best he can.

I guess someone should educate their staff and management that when you offer unlimited deals, the better idea is to serve quickly and move as many tables and as fast as possible. However here the policy was to make the diner wait for as long as possible for their food and hence serving them less food. We settled their at around 8:15 am and for 2 hours out of next 2.5 hours, we just kept waiting. They were taking 45-60 minutes to deliver an order and that too incomplete or incorrect. As soon as the clock struck 10:45 am and our last orders were placed, at 10:50 am came our last two pending orders and at 10:55 am came out the last order. Pardon my limited writing skills, but I hope I was able to express what had happened here. While we were waiting so long for our orders for last 2-3 hours, suddenly when we could not order more, everything came in a jiffy. And maybe it was my imagination, however I sensed a look in the waiters which said – Eat it and get out now.

They really should take some lessons from Rajdhani and other such restaurants which offer unlimited food. They just serve you so fast and so efficiently that you get a feeling of getting pampered and also get full early as food keeps coming at you relentlessly. What American Diner did to us was frustrating and felt like a really bad practise.

Rant about the service over, lets come to food now. It took 45 minutes for them to deliver bad food. Dry waffles, sausages which were not grilled and bacon which was not fried properly. And I am not talking once, this was happening portion after portion, order after order. I am sure they would have got few things right, however one can seldom go wrong with making omelets and toasting bread.
Can you see any grill marks on those sausages?
Loads of Butter and Maple syrup also almost failed to salvage these waffles. 

This is how the bacon looked like. All that uncooked fat. Its supposed to be crispy.

Generally I would have said some good things about their food to give a balanced opinion, however the combination of bad service which seemed to be coming from management policy and bad food is enough for me to make sure this remains a rant. I waited for 3 weeks before writing this, hoping the frustration would subside, but now we know, it never did.

All in all I would advise you to avoid this place, Delhi has lot more breakfast options these days, just checkout deals with some of the 5 star hotels in town and you would be surprised by how cheap they are how how amazing their spread is. All American Diner is just not worth it.
PS : And the portions sizes were too stingy, I am sure America me aisa nahi hota.. 😛
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Author: Shashank

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6 thoughts on “All American Diner : Just not worth it.”

  1. I went to for their famous hotdog festival. True they were slow, the beer was hot and the hot dog was a disaster. They forgot to remove the plastic wrapping of the sausage! Never ever have I recommended that place to anyone

  2. Appalling to say the least. Scary in fact. To charge 700 rupees for an unlimited spread and then if this is what one gets, it really amounts to cheating. No other word. What I really like about this review was "We were warned that Sundays are busy days, the service is slow and all that, however I still believe that it is a commercial establishment, and if they accept my patronage, they have to deliver, no excuses taken". This makes a lot of sense specially when a lot of establishments try to hide behind 'too many to cater' excuse. If you have the goddamned tables to seat X number of patrons then ensure that each one of them gets WHAT they want, WHEN they want and HOW they want. Else ask them to come back later. Have been experiencing shitty (sorry for the word) service a lot too frequently. Last week mein hi thrice – Fa Yian, Ardor and Mirchi. Mirchi didnt even have the 'too many to cater excuse' 😀

  3. I have exactly the same complaints about the place – and my last visit was 5 years back.

    One of the biggest issues is that they seem to be terrified to use oil and even more importantly, grease. Not sure if this is chicken sausage or what (which does not give off much grease) but everything should be fried up in the drippings from the bacon and sausage and ham. The sausage doesn't need to be 'grilled' necessarily, but it needs to be seared. Black spots on the sausage. I see none here.

    Everything was overly bland when I went there. American food isn't bland. It's savory in a different way. You don't make something "American" by simply omitting spices.

  4. I too personally agree with the review and have no idea why the place blotches up so big time, considering they have been into the breakfast scene for a while now!

  5. and I thought I was the only one who didn't like their food. I've always wondered why this place is SO popular considering my last 2 visits here have been as disappointing as yours. It really is not worth it

  6. i agree.. i kept going back dere ordering different things hoping to find one meal i wud truly enjoy.. but alas!! d only thing i ve found ok here was some martini i had once n a herb crusted fish.. but m sure deres no need to go to american diner for dat… a real disapppointment everytime.. not recommended..

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