Bhape Da Hotel – Living in Nostalgia

Don’t let the title mislead you, when I wrote living in nostalgia, I meant surviving on nostalgia as I did not find any other reason why I would be going back. 
I have been told that they also own Minar, which is a bit upscale restaurant directly opposite to their Dhaba in outer circle of Connaught Place. Most of the items are prepared in the same kitchen and shared between Dhaba and the restaurant, only difference being service and dining experience. However I have been to the restaurant in past as well and had pure vegetarian dishes there and at that time as well I failed to see why anyone would like that place. But then its my perspective, both these places (Bhape and Minar) have a huge fan following to say the least. 
Bhape Da Hotel
So six of of went to Bhape last evening, got couple of tables on the first floor (Mezzanine I guess). The dining area is super cramped even by Dhaba standards and tables too small. A proof of which was visible after the meal when all six of our shirts had major stains from the food we had but then you can also attribute that to our protruding bellies which definitely are a bit more than average and then some more. 
Main seating area
Working on Tandoor
Benefit of being in a group is that you get to order a lot of things and when everyone is a known and certified food lover the extent of excitement and liberties in ordering also go up many fold. However trying to control our excitement we ended up ordering :
  • Butter Chicken – Half
  • Dal Makhani
  • Gurde Kapure gravy waale
  • Saag Meat or Mutton
  • Dahi Meat or Mutton
  • Bheja or Brain Curry.
Waiter with our Dishes
With that we ordered some assorted breads, butter naan, maida waala parantha, atte waala parantha etc. First round of breads was very well made, second round was a bit of a mixed bag. We definitely can give a benefit of doubt to them on this one.
Coming to main dishes, now I am not expert in food, specially meats and other non-vegetarian delicacies, however I have always believed in my taste buds and shunned the technicalities. So when after the meal I had a major feeling of wanting in my heart, soul and tummy I knew that this was not worth it.
Brain Curry
Butter Chicken
Dahi Meat
Dal Makhani
Gurde Kapure 
Saag Meat
Chutney Pyaz
Not dissecting individual dishes, you know something is seriously wrong when everything tastes the same, and your are just indifferent to the gravy you are dipping your bread in. Expect from butter chicken which had excessive cream in it and Dal which did not have meat in it and was actually quite nice, I did not feel any difference in anything else I ate there. 
Naan and Parantha 
One of our tables
A feeling accentuated by this incident :
Waiter comes to our table with come extra gravy. I asked him for what dish has he brought the gravy, he said it was for Gurde Kapure. However as he was speaking he had already dumped the gravy in Dahi Meat and when I said that he had put it in wrong dish, his reply was very genuine and clear : “Koi baat nahi sir, gravy to same hi hoti hai…” (Its ok sir, gravies are same). We all looked at each other with a snicker-ish look and continued pouring the food in our tummies. 
As I said, my experience is very limited, and maybe it is an acquired taste, maybe I will understand it after couple of more visits, but I can tell you one thing for sure – Those visits are not going to happen anytime soon, or if I have my choice or at-least when I am sober.. :P. 
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Author: Shashank

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4 thoughts on “Bhape Da Hotel – Living in Nostalgia”

  1. Well I think that the place is good for dine in only during lunch time.. I need not tell you why not Dinner as you have already experienced it.. πŸ˜›
    One of the reasons why it's so famous is that it uses Desi Ghee.. And trust me. The gravy which is the same in most dishes.. Is absolute delicious. πŸ˜€
    I totally understand your disappointment. But the thing is that you went to that place with wrong expectations.. I mean.. There's a reason why it's popularly called Bhape da 'Dhaba' contrary to its sign board.. And the reason is you won't get good service. Most dishes aren't that good as a whole. But what makes me go there repeatedly is that heavenly gravy made in desi ghee.. That makes the Dahi meat and Chicken curry unbeatable.. And btw those are the only two dishes I order and I have never been disappointed..:D

  2. Well I've been going to Bhape for the last 15 years and I just totally love it and in that time I have never tasted its full menu because I have always just stuck onto its main 4-6 very tasty dishes ( according to me ) I.e. Dal makhani, Saag paneer, Keema mutter, Chicken curry, Saag meat, Aloo mutter. I'd say never order its butter chicken because its a major let down, as written in the post it is filled with cream, not at all that typical orange butter chicken taste. But we all have our different opinions and views and I would just like to say give this place a time beacuse you just don't like it in the first place you will have to develop a bond with this place and its food which comes with time, in this stage of F&B industry which has grown along with time, with that small place, ultra small table it still has such a huge fan following and its loyal customers. I really liked the heading of the post because in the end this place does gives you a hit of nostalgia

  3. All Said and Done….. I would want to add that I still Loved Bhapa ka Khana.
    yes… the Mutton had a problem as they had the same sauce for Rogan josh, Gurde kapoore and even Dahi Chicken.

    But… I would add that there Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni are super awesome and I would keep going back there for this…..(Jab bhi jeb mein paisa kam hoga, ya fir I am not in a mood to Fine Dine, Otherwise one can alwas walk across the Road to Minar and relish the same a ease)

    There is some thing in Minar/Bhape Food…. That one can never have enough of…….

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