Gulati’s – Pandara Road – A Delhi Institution

If I ever happen to draw a list of 10 food joints that define Delhi, Gulati’s Restaurant on Pandara road would definitely make the cut and have a prominent presence in it. That said I have myself been there 2-3 times only, however being on helm of food information highway of Eatlo, I can assure you that this place has managed to strike just the right chords with Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians across the classes and masses. 
And that restaurant and their service shines through with such magnanimity, says a lot about the owners and the effort they put behind the show. The belief was reiterated when we dealt with them personally for an Eatlo event we organised at their other restaurant, Spice Market in Saket, which is fine dining restaurant, serving food from all across India. The level of detailing and kind of service they provided managed to leave us awestruck at Spice Market too. 
Paneer Hyderabadi & Egg Curry (option of Mutton Curry waali gravy or veg gravy that comes from Dum Aloo)
Talking about their food, well there is not much I can say about it that has not been said already. Last night I was there and had their Egg Curry and Paneer Hyderabadi, which I would not judge on authentic they were, however in absolute taste both the dishes managed to hold my 100% attention. Despite being super crowded at 12:30 AM, the order came as promptly as it could and the portion sizes were HUGE to say the least. And did I tell you that their Butter Chicken is very popular too and is regularly rated among the best in Delhi. Well I am yet to try it, but thought would be a good point to mention here. About pricing, though I find them to be value for money, however its not a cheap place for sure. For me anything with APC of Rs.500+ goes into upper middle class. 
So now we were done eating and asked for the bill and waiter left two plates on our table with toothpicks and sachets of flavored and coated saunf. While waiting for the bill I opened the first sachet and started chewing on the saunf while having Gup-shup with Ashish Tulsian who was my dining partner. Ashish being a fan of Gulati’s was telling me about his experiences over the last 20 years at this restaurant and how his family has tried all other restaurants on Pandara road only once and eventually getting back to Gulati. Then he pointed out that I was on 4th sachet, and asked me did I know the reason that why there were two plate full of those and not 2-4 sachets as we were only 2 of us? The reason was simple, the saunf is so delicious that everyone loves it and Gulati’s know it. And because they care about you, they make sure they leave a huge bunch of them on your table to savor as much as you want and even when you finish them and ask for more, you would be served a bunch more, all with a smile. 

There were two such plates full for 2 of us.

The purpose of this post : None really, besides the fact that I am overwhelmed by the kind of effort that these guys actually put in behind the show and had to put something down in words, majorly to share my happiness, to thank the Gulati’s and just maybe inspire others to do good work. Badiya khana khilane ke ke liye bada dil chahiye hota hai… 

PS : Good to know facts :
1. Pandara road is known for the fact that its restaurants are open late in night. So my guess would be you can get your gruel till 2-3 am at-least.
2. Gulati’s have an wonderful lunch buffet spread, not sure it its only on weekends or they do weekdays as-well. Rs. 530 odd plus taxes. Not a bad deal I must say.
3. They have a pure-vegetarian restaurant called Veg. Gulati next door. 
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Author: Shashank

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7 thoughts on “Gulati’s – Pandara Road – A Delhi Institution”

  1. Great review. It has always been one of my family's fixed dinner destinations in Delhi. You are spot on with their delicious food and service even during late hours. Did anyone point out to you about their Fruit Cream? My absolute favorite there, have been a fan of it for the last twenty years or so. Now that I'm reminded that I haven't visited this place in a few months the craving has kicked in!

  2. I have no idea why, but I find it very strange when people rave about the food here. It is so because I found the food quite average. I am a fan of their service though. The place, for sure is a grand old-daddy and it would be unfair to compare it with newbies. because maintaining a standard for this long it self calls for a great appreciation.
    Food-wise there are other places that come in my top-5 and Gulati's currently isnt on the list.

  3. I have never been there, but heard a lot about this place and now after reading your review i guess i really need to go there and taste all the rich food and specially that saunf 🙂

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