Lemp Brew Pub – The Blog Post that was.

Most of us have been reading a blog post about an incident that happened at one of the microbreweries in Gurgaon. The original post was available at this following URL – http://lempexperience.blogspot.in/

However now the post is no longer live and I had to track it down from Google’s webcache.

Below is a as it is regeneration of the post.

The post got some responses, one from the owners on Zomato and other written by someone claiming to be a patron of Lemp. Have taken a screenshot and posted it below just in case they remove it. The link to that post : http://peopleforlemp.blogspot.in/.

Blogpost supporting Lemp
And here is a screen shot of a response the management gave to a review on Zomato,  probably the poster was one of the members of the group that experienced this incident at Lemp.
Lemp’s response on Zomato

Personally I felt lot of arrogance and high handedness in the way Lemp’s Management has responded  to the poster talking about police and parents and their brand in the same breath. Both the responses showed what kind of attitude the management has, they definitely have mark of someone who is drunk on power.Now I am wondering what is happening to the people who dared to complain against the restaurant despite being arm twisted?

I am actually waiting for the management to come and arm twist me, dekhe to sahi kitna dum hai unke arm me.. 😛

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How a lunch at Lemp Brewpub Gurgaon turned out to be the most horrid experience ever.
For a lot of reasons, we have thought a lot before writing this. It is a very detailed account and we suggest you read it with patience. There is a lot to learn for us customers and a lot to be learnt by the restaurant owners community also.
A few of us friends (young, 25-year old, working, well educated, aware, well traveled, well spoken) were searching for a place to go to for Sunday brunch and on Zomato.com we came across a “Hawaiian Sunday Brunch” at Lemp Brewpub, Gurgaon. We decided to try out the Hawaiian brunch. As you can see from the image below, the cost is Rs. 999 all inclusive of taxes, and the same was also confirmed to us by the manager, Mr. Robin.


To put it out there, it wasn’t the first time we were going to Lemp.



The Zomato screenshot of the “Hawaiian Sunday Brunch” at Lemp Brewpub



From the above image you can read the promises:



Hawaiian food – NONE to be found.


Tiki bar serving exotic cocktails – there was no such bar.


Live music and dancing – There was no music playing at all. After we asked they switched on the speakers and regular music played in the background. For the dancing, there were never any plans for dancers. On a serious note we were told by the manager, Robin, that customers were the ones supposed to dance.


On asking why there was nothing Hawaiin about the brunch, Robin tells us that suddenly on Saturday night the chef had to go home in an emergency so hence the problem. Yet, see below a picture of the entrance of Lemp with multiple boards advertising the Hawaiian Sunday brunch that day. In spite of all this we still go ahead with the brunch.



In spite of the management knowing of no Hawaiian Brunch inside, the board was still on full display outside  to mislead and attract customers. There was only 1 other table that was occuppied when we left.



After waiting 10 minutes, we are served starters on the table which are absolutely stale, inedible, cold and uncooked. We immediately called back Robin and request him to taste the food so he can understand our plight. Even though a buffet includes unlimited ordering, Robin tells us he’ll do us a favour and ‘replace’ the dishes. By then we try the other dishes served on our table and they are equally ill-prepared. The replaced dishes come back absolutely the same quality, just heated this time around.



The drinks included in the package were their 6 home-brewed beers and any vodka-based cocktails. 6 of us ordered a glass of beer each and we asked for 2 vodka-based Mojitos. The beers came in good time but the 2 Mojito’s never came. There were 4 reminders given to various staff including the manager, Robin. Robin told us that the confusion resulted because the staff who took our order suddenly left for a break without informing anyone. To our surprise each of the staff members we had told for the Mojitos were very much inside the place and had been continuously serving our table!



Mr. Robin – The Manager who ‘chose’ 3 different prices for the Sunday brunch during this incident. This photo was clicked secretly from one of our phones.



By now, after all the fiasco, we decided that we would leave since nothing in the package was as promised and even the service was getting worse by the minute. We asked the manager to call the owners so we could speak to them. He said they are too busy to be called, even on the phone. In plain words we were told they are inaccessible for us. We simply informed Robin that we would be leaving. Robin tells us that is ok with him as long as we pay for what we consumed. Despite of all the poor incidents and not getting anything as promised, we tell him we will pay full rate for the beer we have had (a total of 6 glasses). Even though beer as part of an unlimited buffet should be calculated at subsidised rates.



We keep waiting another 15 minutes for the bill, which never comes. We ask the waiter and he tell us it will still take more time. At this point we tell the manager that we are leaving. He tells us we cannot do so and must pay the bill. To our shock, we are presented with a bill of Rs. 12,000! Reminder: The buffet costs Rs. 999 inclusive of all taxes and we were only 8 people there! We are told that the food we sent back will also be charged and other dishes prepared for the buffet which were still to come to us will also be charged!



Not wanting to waste anymore time, we walk out towards the elevator and 4 of us get in (3 guys and a girl). Suddenly there are bouncers blocking the tiny entrance of the elevator and intimidating and threatening us against leaving. The waiters and the other staff of Lemp had all surrounded us by then. We do what came to our mind 1st in a panic, raise noise so we can get out of the elevator into an open area. Having lived in Gurgaon for the last 10 years, that was the most scared we’ve felt ever. It was absolutely not safe inside (whether the girl had been with us or not).



We immediately called the police on 100.



By then a senior manager, Kapil Singh Thapa, comes to the scene. He walks in with so much arrogance that there was no point discussing anything with him. All he said was that you must pay for what you have consumed. Before the police come, the bill is corrected to approx. Rs. 6,700. Obviously, 6 glasses of home-brewed beer cannot cost Rs. 1100+ a glass.



Mr. Kapil Singh Thapa – The Senior Manager who is mentioned on many many reviews on the internet for his misbehaviour towards customers. This photo was also clicked secretly from one of our phones.



We still told the staff to call the owners, hoping they would have the sense to reverse such a poor customer experience that kept getting worse. We were repeatedly told that they cannot be reached for such an issue. In the meanwhile, even the mall management, run by Jones Lang LaSalle, decided to come by. We politely requested for help and were instead told to sort out the issue inside Lemp and not spoil the decorum of the place. They all knew the Lemp staff very well.



Senior person from Jones Lang LaSalle from the mall management at DT Star Mall. He refused to help us.  By standing was a better option.
Making calls to arrange for more men. Mall management and Lemp managers together.
From L-R: Mr. Kapil Singh Thapa (Senior Manager), Mr. Robin (Manager), Mall Management from Jones Lang LaSalle who refused to help  (in a red tie), Lemp staff (in jeans).
This photo was also clicked secretly from one of our phones.



Guess what happens next? The police arrives. With the ‘owner’ of the place. Very clearly they came together. We are in an even more helpless situation.



This ‘owner’, Shashank, was even more arrogant than the previous two managers, rather tending towards the likes of a goon. He even said, “Mera naam kisi se bhi Gurgaon mein check kar lena.” (“You can ask anyone my name in Gurgaon and they will know.”) He further declares (in Hindi) he will not hear a word against his food or his place or he will get us put behind bars. He goes on to declare that his managers have been running this place for more than a year and they are absolutely right.



The ‘owner’ Shashank (L) and the senior manager, Kapil Thapa (R), from a public photo found on Facebook.
The ‘owner’ Shashank (L) and the senior manager, Kapil Thapa (R), from another public photo found on Facebook.



And we had completely depended on the owner to come in and solve the situation amicably. After all, no owner would want customers leaving with such an experience.



When asked to explain how the bill of Rs. 12,000 could be presented, the same managers, Robin and Kapil, state that the buffet costs Rs. 1,199 per head + taxes. We showed everyone the screenshot of the Zomato page. Unfortunately, the police could not understand what the internet was and the Lemp management disowned the page. Instead an order is sent inside to instantly get rid of any paper/board where the price of the buffet maybe written. Suddenly realising that even then the calculation doesn’t add up for 8 buffets @ Rs. 1199, a friend raises the point. Now the buffet in an instant costs Rs. 1,299! When we told the policemen that this is exactly the kind of experience we have had, the police tell us they didn’t hear the manager changing the price of the buffet. Unbelievable. Most of all – HELPLESSNESS.



Finally, the owner adjusts the bill to Rs. 4,463 from the last revised Rs. 6,700. Out of no other option we agree to pay so that we can get out of the situation safe and sound.



We pay the amount and are returned the change. Of course, we ask for the bill which we are told will take some time. We wait another 15-20 mins for the bill. In the meanwhile, the cops ask us to put down the incident on paper and say that a compromise had been reached. We write the incident in detail and hand it over after taking a picture. We are ordered by the cops that we cannot keep proof of the letter or they will not take accept it from us. And we cannot click any pictures at that point. We were just stripped of our right of free speech and expression?



Next, when the manager of Lemp is asked to sign it he calls the owner and explains to him that we have written that we were cheated of our money. The owner throws an angry fit and orders the police to take us to the police station and present us to the SHO. He says there will be cases filed against us. We are returned our money that we paid 15-20 mins back.



Note – all this being said in Hindi/Haryanvi doesn’t sound half as pleasant as it may read in English.



Not wanting to drag this further, the tables have completely turned and we plead the cops and the owner to keep the money, throw away the letter and let us go. But the owner is adamant that we will not only pay the full bill of Rs. 12,000 but he also wants us behind bars.



We are dragged out of the mall by the police into their van. On the way, we were further scared by the police that we will be alcohol tested and what not. As you would have realised from our entire bill of 6 beer glasses amongst 8 people, we were perfectly sober.



By now, all of us who lived in Gurgaon immediately call our parents and ask them to come to the police station. After our parents reached AND they were forced to drop a few names, the situation turned on its head and the police staff started explaining how they have been trying to help us kids since the beginning and we kids had only requested the police to bring the Lemp manager to the station so that the issue could be solved!



The owner was now ‘too busy’ to come to the police station (which was barely 200-300m away from Lemp) but already had control over the cops. The SHO was called to the station and in the end we still paid the Rs. 4,463 to the manager there. We were told there was no need of any letter stating the issue was resolved with a compromise from our side. Finally, thats when this horrid ‘brunch’ ended.



On a separate note, I wanted to cover a small incident that the girl with us faced. She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. The Lemp waiters/staff were leching on her and kept staring at her legs. When one of us told one of their staff members “Aap apni aankhein please oopar rakhiye” (“Please keep your eyes up”) he replies, “Kya karoon neeche hi chali jaati hain.” (What can I do, my sight goes downwards automatically.” This happened while the cops were there. This happened while we were surrounded by the Lemp staff and their bouncer + mall management bouncers. This is why the only thing on our minds throughout was to get out of the situation safely at that point.



We have tried to keep this incident as factual as possible without mixing emotional biases or the hate we have for this place today. We have not touched on the fact that in my own country, we do not have basic rights of speech and that the law is bent at the convenience of those who dictate power at that point.


Here are a few reviews of Lemp on Zomato we wish we had taken seriously. One thing that is common is the arrogance and misbehaviour of the staff and being overcharged wrongly. Even the names of the managers are the same in these reviews:

2 must read reviews:


By a certain Nitin Bhatia who had a similar horrendous experience as ours. He was also promised things, then commitment wasn’t delivered and finally he was at the receiving of end of the staff – http://www.zoma.to/review/32812


By a certain Sanjiv Tyagi who left his card there, only to find out the next morning that it had been swiped at not only Lemp but other establishments too (such as the liquor store) – http://www.zoma.to/review/34265


A few other reviews. Click on the link to go to the full reviews:



Poor staff:





Being overcharged:






Posted by Gurgaon Victims

Author: Shashank

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33 thoughts on “Lemp Brew Pub – The Blog Post that was.”

    1. very stupid response from a restaurant management. Whatever may be the side of the story there is a way to formally respond, not by dragging parents into the response.

    2. A truly arrogant pub with truly arrogant owners. They show a complete lack of class. The owner by himself looks like a thug. The version of the customers is much more believable. Never going to Lemp in my life nor letting anyone I know go anywhere near it. The restaurant deserves to go into bankruptcy

    3. Since their Parents have apologized, does it make them victim? The response of Lemp clearly shows their level of argument. I have never been to there and will never ever go. And Zomato, haha, Zomato earns from the restaurants. What else do you expect from me if someone tries to talk dirty about my customers? I completely think the story is true, and response of Lemp just made my thought stronger that I will never go to this place ever in my place. I will also make sure to spread the hatred so others dont go either.

  1. lemp brewpub cheated me and my team also. we worked for them as a free lancers for almost 3 months. our billing amount was of somewhere around 1lakh and they paid us just 35k. they r big time fraud…..

  2. I have been to this place. They used to serve half decent food and beer. But I am not surprised with this latest story.

    The language and intent of the management as expressed through their blog/facebook replies show the level of stupid arrogance they are possessed with. Even if some of what the Lemp guys said are true; the bullying they resorted to even online shows their real character and hence I tend to believe these youngsters.

    Lemp was limping when I paid for my food. Am glad they are down on their knees after this.

  3. Guess what I commented on the peopleforlemp blog written by some shruti and the comment never got approved (as expected). How can someone do pr for a brand like Lemp. It's like putting your profession to shame. But hats off to you guys to have re-posted the blog!!

  4. We performed at LEMP as Delhi Drummers about a year back and was supposed to be paid Rs.15000. After we performed we were not paid a single penny reasons they didn't have enough bar sales. God knows since when musicians started giving bar sales. We were 6 people and were carrying lots of costly musical instruments so we left without any arguments. Lemp always had a bad character. I m glad they r facing it now.

  5. Ok, first things first….I have been reading a lot of chatter on this over the past 24 hours on foodie platforms, conversations with friends, on blog posts as well as the Times of India & First Post news articles. Interestingly, everyone seems to be talking about just one side of the story….that of the youngsters'; infact so did I till last evening (so am as guilty!). Please don't get me wrong here, I don't know people from Lemp and nor have I ever been to this place; chances are, I never will! But for someone who has been in the hospitality industry for over 11 years, I have always seen such or similar issues with guests being resolved in a calm composed manner and by a neutral entity hearing both sides of the story. With technology changing the way we view life, obviously this isn't possible in today's day & age…..but I am still waiting to read a news article or a blog post by a neutral entity which pegs both sides of the story on one platform for us to judge who is right and who is wrong or if both are right / wrong. It's very easy for me to jump to conclusions but has anyone made to effort to ask what prompted this situation to escalate to such a level where the restaurant loses business (and after this incident am sure it would be a lot of business loss) and for the youngsters to get humiliated at the hands of the Police whom apparently they had only called to the spot? I have read some of Lemp's responses and they do sound rather arrogant and power driven; but just because the blog post by this group of youngsters (or their representative) was written in absolute humility, does it make the latter right? They have very conveniently posted photographs of managers taken from the camera phone on the sly, why don't I see similarly clicked photos of the Rs. 12, 000 or the revised Rs. 6,000 (or so) bills or for that matter even the final bill that they ended up paying, in their brilliantly articulated blog post? Somewhere I just read someones comment – "if they got to know that the promotion had been called off before they were entering the place, why didn't they leave that very instant or even if they chose to dine at Lemp, why did they not reconfirm the prices of the meal they were ordering?" Rather obvious questions, I would say. This however doesn't mean that the high-handedness of the management is excusable, it's surely not…..but then why do we forget the age old saying – "Taali ek haath se nahi bajti" (you don't clap with just one hand). I would surely like to hear Lemp's side or even better, make the CCTV footage public (YouTube it) and let us see what actually happened.

    1. I totally appreciate your thoughts of looking at both sides of the coin & trust you to believe many of us do. But do you think we need to beg the Lemp guys to bring to table their side of the story & rather not threaten the blaming side.

      Is their reaction to the original blog & other complaints not only rendering more credibility to the entire episode?

      Frankly, its hard for me to believe that someone who shows such attitude on a public platform would have behaved any differently in their own backyard.

      Btw, if they actually oblige by coming up with their version, do post that here too. I would be interested in knowing.

      After all, we have this moral / social obligation to appear socially / morally fit 😉

    2. Dear Editor,

      While you may have a point that we should listen to both sides of the story, no restaurant which responds like they did in the post above has any modicum of decency. Moreover involving police in a matter which could be amicably resolved shows the nature of the restaurant. Plus if you see some of the other comments on this blog, it is very clear that this isn't the only time they have stooped to such levels. All in all, there is an overwhelming case to believe the youngsters and disbelieve the management.


    3. Been in the Gurgaon region for a while and I am not surprised with what happened. Honestly, I don't care what the reality is anymore but there are plenty of drunk on power politician turned restaurant owners here. Let this be a lesson to all the restaurant owners here.

      Having said that, if you are in a restaurant and you don't like the food, you pay the bill and write a review about it. But you got to pay the bill first.

    4. The editor does raise some valid points. But, at the end of the day no matter what you are in the hospitality business and your customer is everything. If you treat them nicely they will surely refer your name to others and if you don't then well you can see soon what happens to Lemp :

  6. We would like to see the full video of the argument which (as the management claims) has the real story. If the management is true (as what they claim), they should upload the full video (with audio) on channel like youtube if they really want to prove themselves.

    1. Totally agreeable. Let this restaurant owner & its so-called hospitable management post the video of the actual scenario. If they are so confident about the entire incident being in their favor, these idiots should post the audio feed. Being the arrogant son of some stinking rich father owning a restaurant in a posh locality doesn't make you a MAN … your actions & demeanor surely do.

  7. they are definately not hospitality professionals no pro would let e small incident like this blow up inot a viral storm,company is registerd in a muzzafarnagar booze shop Kaviar hospitality.
    guess this is what happens when big bucks think they know all about hospitality….

  8. just a question on the "restaurant owner's comment" to a review by a female. As per restaurant owner, the youngsters were taken to the police station and they were shamed and blah blah blah…
    But as per today's Times of India, the SHO said that there was a call and was a minor incident. "No one was arrested or brought to the police station".
    Can anyone please clarify who is lying here???

  9. This outlet in Gurgaon is actually a franchisee (by Kaviar Hospitality) of an American company called "Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen". I am sure that the franchisor "Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen" would have become aware of the misdeeds of Kaviar Hospitality by now. An American hospitality business can't tolerate this. "Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen" is a 173 year old brand in America.

  10. Taking the blogs down is not going to help Lemp now. The blog content is all over the news sites.. TOI published yesterday online and on page 5 of print copy today. India Today just published it here http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/lempbrew-pub-lempbrewpub-&-kitchen-gurgaon/1/279716.html

    Lemp (actually the hooligan group of Kaviar Hospitality) is gone and down now, FOREVER. The responses of the restaurant management simply shows how disgusting and unprofessional these people are. They are shooting in their own feet!

  11. As far as I look at it, the response blog at people for lempe is as fictitious as can be. The original blog post was very clear about the fact that they were there for the brunch and the pics clearly show a well lit area not just mall lighting.
    So really where does SK get her facts i wonder. Busy during night events indeed… get a clue.

    Further, it is clearly labled as 999 AI for the buffet. So i find it hard to believe overall.. Either Lempe is really trying to lynch its customers or the customers really have it in for the restaurant. But given the vivid detail it is tough to refute the blog post.

  12. The lemp hoodlums have in fact , by their response, cleared the air of any doubt.
    and that shruti something is definitely from lemp,, her vague response makes that clear.

  13. I really think places like these out to be shut down. I get that money rules in Gurgaon and these Lemp guys probably have the cops on their payroll, but this nonsense has to stop somewhere. I've been there once for a friend's birthday party. They offered a deal based on which she planned her party there, but when we reached they announced that they had a special band playing because of which they had arbitrarily revised their rates for the night. The food was bad, the beer was terrible. The portions were tiny and the rates had been inflated out of all proportion. The music was amateurish at best. This poor girl was basically cheated out of a lot of money.
    At some level I think that even if the cops or authorities do not take action, people ought to simply boycott the place so it shuts down. But then knowing how things work, these hoodlums will open a new place under another name and it will be business as usual for them. Can't the consumer courts play a role here? At the very least some action ought to be taken to ensure these bullies don't harass the poor folks who dared to complain.

  14. this is what happens when lalaji opens business. Unfortunately Most of the best Restaurants and pubs are owned by such ppl. But this one is classic

  15. Really commendable of the people who underwent this terrible experience to put up the detailed account of it so that others don't suffer the same – would be a good idea to bring a consumer action against them but understandable that the prospect would involve more time and energy (and tolerance for frustrating delays) than most people have the luxury of. The sheer arrogance, crassness and unscrupulousness of the people owning and running the place is evident from their response to the customer review.

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