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After a day spent on the roads, Ashish and me came down to CP and were looking for Dhaba style food. The day being a Tuesday our choices were limited as lots of places serving non-vegetarian food are shut on Tuesdays. Jain Corner at Shivaji stadium was an obvious choice, but then that is more for a late night jaunt for me, I prefer to eat regular food if its available at that hour.
We decided to check out the Dhabas and as we entered outer circle, I was hoping that anyone of  Kake / Bhape / National / Royal to be open. So Kake and Royal were open, Royal being pure vegetarian. Having not have had good experiences at Kake in past, we decided to skip and give a shot to Royal Restaurant. Made couple of calls and was suggested we order Shahi Paneer and Palak Paneer, that too if we must. Btw.. its a restaurant in name, its a regular genuine Dhaba.

Palak Paneer
Shahi Paneer

Having eaten at almost all 4 of the CP outer circle Dhabas in past few months, I feel that all of them come from same family or maybe same village. They all have same style of serving similar food, similar crockery, similar ambiance and even owners look similar to me sometimes. . 

We settled in, I asked for some dry items or tandoori snacks which they told me that they don’t serve. Then as suggested by fellow foodies we ordered the Shahi Paneer and Palak Paneer to start with. Both the items came in a jiffy, the breads that were served were hot, crisp and tasted very nice. Till the time we were very hungry the food tasted quite nice, but then we realized that there was nothing spectacular about it and it is strictly average.

Shahi Paneer and Palak Paneer

We also ordered Dal Makhani, which to my surprise was best of the three dishes we had. For a change the Dal was not creamy or loaded with butter, however the taste and smoothness seemed to come from dal itself, which is rare to find these days. That is definitely one thing that I am going back for.

Dal Makhani

 At the end of meal we both were surprised that we finished of 3 dishes, however then we realized that these were the MOST stingy portions in veg food that we have seen. EVER. And we both have have seen a LOT of food individually and combined together as well. Having said that, the entire bill was Rs.460, with these three dishes and breads, which is not bad at all, and is quite reasonable for a meal of 2 in a place like CP.

All in all a 6/10 kind of place, nothing bad, but nothing spectacular as well. Dhabas for me dish out much better and tasty stuff. 
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