Sita Ram Dewan Chand – The Dark Knight of Chhole Bhature

We all know how much we Dilliwaalas love and appreciate our Chhole Bhature. There are good bhature, there are better bhature and then there is God level. And being the country we are, we have so many gods that life is quite good, atleast when it comes to Chhole Bhature.
I guess couple of years back I wrote a post about Chacha in Kamla Nagar and at that time I put him along with Nagpal and Sita Ram in the top most segment, naming them the holy trinity of Delhi Bhature scene. Well to be honest things have not changed much, still I have discovered few new things in both Chhole Bhature and spirituality in general. However more on that later, this post is about Sita Ram Dewan Chand from Chuna Mandi in Paharganj.
The way Chhole are served, topped with the Chutney
Bhature – You can see the signs of being heated on a Tawa.
There is not much that I can say about SRDC that has not been said before, there are people who love it, however there are people who do not really appreciate his style of serving the bhaturas. He does not fry them on the spot, however makes a bunch of them and heats them on a tawa before serving. Lot of people feel that its not the way bhaturas should be served, however its just a different style of doing it and I have seen that happen at several places in Delhi, Punjab and North India in general. The Bhatura that is sevred by them is very light & fluffy. Bits of  paneer and masala stuffing in them adds to the overall taste. 
Bhaturas are kept like this and heated before they are served. 
I happened to visit them once again yesterday and was happy to see them being consistent on the taste and quality. The quality of the condiments served with them was also top notch. And as any foodie worth his salt will tell you, that Chutney serves as a very important benchmark for any eating joint as it is the easiest thing to cut corners in. However the chutney of SRDC was one of the most awesome ones you will ever taste. Its rich, its flavorful, its tangy.
Aamla or Gooseberry ka Achar
Masale waali mirchi.. cannot really call it a pickle. 😛
Unlimited supply, right on your table..
Also comes besides your regular Chhole and Bhature are Amla ka achar, mooli/pyaz ‘salad’ and masala green chillies (for lack of better phrase.. :P). The best part – You have unlimited supply of all those things on your table itself.
All said and done – you do not go there expecting any service.. but just no-nonsense good food and that is what they are good at. Priced at Rs.40 for a plate, they seldom get better than that.
PS : Can The Dark Knight of Chhole Bhature be complete without The Joker ?? 😛

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9 thoughts on “Sita Ram Dewan Chand – The Dark Knight of Chhole Bhature”

  1. At the peak of high onion prices, this was one establishment who kept unlimited supplies of onion at each table for you to take as much as you can eat. This shows their commitment to food.

  2. Chollle Bhature to die for. One of those legends who has still not changed with the times. And very good writeup for conveying the original taste and not cribbing about re heat and other things 🙂

  3. Very well written and those pics are so drool worthy!
    i love their light, soft and fluffy and YES the chutney is just so awesome!

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