Kumar Samose Wala – The Samosa is not so humble anymore.

Ashish Tulsian : kaun kaun se samose hai bhaiya?
Kumar Samose Wala : ji Pizza Samosa, Chowmien samosa, Pasta Samosa hi hai abhi to. Aap kaunsa lenge?
Ashish Tulsian :Pasta waala de do bhaiya…
Kumar Samose Wala – red sauce or white sauce??
Ashish Tulsian : :O :O :O :O
Yup! that is how the conversation went. This guy is selling good old samosas with a twist or rather lot of twists. Some of thme unimaginable combos like Pizza samosa, Chowmien samosa, Soya keema Somaosa, Red sauce Pasta Samosa, White Sauce pasta Samosa, Chilly Paneer Samosa and what not, the list I am sure goes on and on. But then all of them varieties might not be available all the time, as they keep coming fresh and selling fresh. 
Have tried a few of them and can say that all of them are well made, one might appreciate the different flavors or not, but all are made with care. Which for me means that fillings are not stop gap arrangement, each filling has its unique flavor and stands out from other. Besides that they are very well fried and have an even shell around them, no haphazard job or quick fixes here. 

Pizaa Samosa – not sure why its called that, but not back at all.
Chowmien Samosa.
Red Sauce Pasta Samosa
And the best part is that the humble Aloo ka samosa is one of the best I have ever had. In all the sheen of fancy samosas, this all time classic has not lost its charm. Among all those western and oriental sauces, the the mix and flavor of spices in the Aloo samosa was captivating enough to capture all my senses. And honestly, they gained a lot of respect by doing this one right
Aloo Samosa – Loved it.
Cost varies from Rs.10 -20 per piece depending on the type. Like the aloo was for Rs.10 and pizza one was Rs. 15. The paneer ones ought to be pricier. 
Location : Impossible for me to explain, however find Milan Cinema in New Moti Nagar / Karam Pura area and then ask around for Kumar Samose Waala. The shop is a non-descript one in residential area. You are in 500 meters radius and asking around would lead you there for sure. Well known name out there. Or you might check google maps, it is marked there by name of Kumar Samose Wala. 
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Author: Shashank

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5 thoughts on “Kumar Samose Wala – The Samosa is not so humble anymore.”

  1. I had similar type of samosas at NSP today. Were very tasty and flavorful. Had chilly paneer, nutri keema, macroni and chowmine samosa. That guy also makes meetha samosa and shahi paneer samosa.
    Location- opposite Nizam's in NSP.

  2. hehehe ! eggJaktly the conversation was like that. after telling me Pasta Samosa, i never expected him to ask me Red pasta or white 😛 !

    it was fantastic and i can see myself going there for more now.

  3. Have tried them a couple of times recently. Too much of waiting to get your order, also pricewise slightly on the higher side. Taste OK but crust too thick.

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