Mia Bella, Hauz Khas Village – Tax Theft and Overcharging – by Rajeev Gulati

Restaurant – Mia Bella
Location – Hauz Khas Village
Event – Evening Party on 27th March
Issue – Excess Charge and No Pakka (Proper) Bill

I booked for a Birthday evening get together at Mia Bella Restaurant for 27th March for my Son on recommendation of a known friend of their marketing consultant Mr.Virat Chhabra. I was quoted an all inclusive price of Rs.1500 per person including premium liquor and few snacks. I made it clear that I would settle the bill against cash. I asked for some further discount for which I was told that they cannot give any further discount as they’ve to pay around 25% taxes (around Rs.300 per person) from this all inclusive price and all they’re actually getting is Rs.1200 per person.

Now I’m not going in to details about their food & service quality as that’s another issue. My son was presented with a kachha bill on a paper slip and was charged @ Rs.1700 instead of quoted price of Rs.1500 per person. He had complete trust on the restaurant as entrusted by me and paid the bill with additional suitable TIP.

As he reached home, I immediately called Mr.Virat Chhabra that we’ve not only been charged excess amount of Rs.200 per person but that too without proper bill which results in additional taxes of Rs.300 per person thus making them a benefit of Rs.500 per person totalling to Rs.7500 for 15 person. He assured me that he’ll get it sorted soon. I also sent him scanned copy of kachha bill.

Scanned copy of the Kacha Bill
Ever since then, I sent him many messages but he did nothing. Later he ducked the responsibility towards Mr.Anuj Kumar saying that he’s the owner and he would settle the matter. I talked to him and messaged him. He too assured to resolve but nothing happened despite 2 months have passed.

Their response and behavior is disgusting and I feel dejected because of my own trust. Despite charging extra and saving (avoiding) taxes, they’re thick skinned in responding and resolving a erroneous billing favoring them.

What do you suggest I should do ???

My Humble Suggestion…. If you must go to Mia Bella, please double check your bill. If you’re making a party commitment, take it in proper writing from them.

Better, AVOID it altogether !!!

Written by Rajeev Gulati

Author: Shashank

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