Mövenpick Ice-creams – Swiss finesse in India

Mövenpick is a swiss brand which has recently setup shop in Delhi in upmarket Select City Walk mall situated in Saket. The Swiss label behind it ensured that we had huge expectations from the ice-cream and I must tell you that we were not disappointed at all. It seems its the only genuinely European ice-cream available in Delhi right now (no Häagen-Dazs just sounds sounds European, but its an American disguised as European). It seems Mövenpick is the direct competition to Häagen-Dazs in the super premium range and honestly speaking their finesse does show in taste and quality. And its as expensive as its American rival if not more. 
The Waffle was very light, amongst the best I have had.
Was served with couple of ice-creams
There were multiple things we tried – the waffles were like best in Delhi and the pancakes were extremely nice too, however what left me spell bound was their Chocolate (Swiss Chocolate) Flavored Ice-cream, it was MIND BLOWING to say the least. It was rich, it was dense and it was bitter in short it had everything that would make the great Swiss legendary for their chocolates. Then comes in the Tiramisu flavor for coffee lovers, it was nothing short of a fine piece of art followed by the Cappuccino flavor which again is good enough to send any coffee lover into a tizzy from happiness. 
Tried the Mini-Pancakes – Loved them
Ice-cream basket – loved the basket itself, plus the ice-creams of your choice. 
They have a range of flavors and the three I mentioned are the ones that took the top honors from me, also well appreciated were their Honey & Walnut flavor while Black Currant did bring a nice tangy twist to the things. Anyhow I am sure when you visit you can do some sampling and choose your flavors according to your flavor profile, but I would definitely recommend a visit, specially if you are in the area. 
A look at the flavors, do they sorbets too.
More flavors.
PS : Some research tells me that this brand is now operated by a subsidiary of Nestlé called – Nestlé Super Premium which is headquartered in Switzerland. Also the servers told me that ice-creams are made in Switzerland itself and are imported in India, which I feel should justify the super high prices to some extent. 

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