Cuisines of Mumbai – What to eat in Mumbai – A list by Mohaneesh Thapar

Mumbai is always said to be a melting post and though I have not lived there however few visits to the city made me realise that the city supports a large number of communities and is cuturaly quite diverse. And is a community is present in a city, that means that their food has to be there, somewhere, for sure. Out of curosity I made a post in Eatlo’s Mumbai group asking what all cuisines have people in Mumbai actually tried and here is a response I got from Mohaneesh Thapar who is a well known face amongst food lovers of Eatlo all over the world. 
Thought would make this into a blog post so that others can also benefit from the invaluable information shared by Mohaneesh, though with the following disclaimer :
1) Most of the places I’ve mentioned here are VFM or hole-in-the-wall kinda places. So, the ambiance is not great but just proper & neat. 

2) Some places in the list are takeaway places, order a day in advance and they do it for you. 

3) Few eateries that I’ve mentioned here have no presence on Zomato/Google. So, finding the right address can be a task.

Barring the humble Mumbaiya cuisine, I have tried…

Chilliyaah Muslim cuisine @ Noor Mohammedi, Delhi Zaika, Chinese N Grill, Sahil Restaurant & Usmaniya. 

Dawoodi Bohra (Bohri) Muslim cuisine @ Vallibhai Payawala, Surti BH, Jeff’s (now closed), Gama, Bara Handi (at Kasai Mohalla) & Ideal Restaurant 
Khoja Muslim cuisine @ Food Factory (the only Khoja cuisine place in the city. You need to call one day advance and place your order) 
Keralite Muslim cuisine (Mappila, as they say) @ Madina, Rehmaniya, Sunny, Lalit Refreshment & Hotel Sunny 
Keralite Hindu cuisine @ Sneha, Hotel Deluxe, Rice Boat & Fountain Plaza 
Goan Christian cuisine @ Snowflakes, New Martin’s, City Kitchen, Castle & Gracy Coutinho’s Kitchen 
Goan Hindu cuisine (Gomantak) @ Saibini, Sachin Gomantak, Gomantak (Dadar) & Sushegad 

Maharashtrian Malwani cuisine @ Malwan Samudra, Chaitanya, Shree Datta Boarding, Raju Malwani Corner, Saayba, Sadiccha, Satkar, Malwan Aswad & Purva Pangat
Maharashtrain Saoji cuisine @ Saoji Nagpurian & Minks – The Saoji Treat
Maharashtrain Kolhapuri cuisine @ Atmashanti & Purepur Kolhapur 
Maharashtrain Koli cuisine @ Koli World & Versova Visava 
Maharashtrian Aagri cuisine @ Hotel Jijamata 
Maharashtrian Brahmin cuisine @ Gypsy Corner, Mama Kane, Aaram, Chaphekar Bros & Aswad
Gujarati cuisine @ Soam, Friends Joshi Club, Swati Snacks & Shree Thackers
Marwari cuisine @ Maakhan by Brijwasi & New Jamnagri & Marwadi Bhojnalay
Bihari cuisine @ Litti Express & Litti on Wheels 
Tibetian cuisine @ New Serynaa 
Manipuri cuisine @ King Chilli (they even grow Bhut Jolokia in the backyard) 
Pan Asian (includes Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese & Thai) @ Ling’s Pavallion, Kofuku, Umame & Munchkins Thai Ban 
Kannada cuisine (includes Mangalorean) @ Jai Hind Lunch Home, Liberty Lunch Home, Bharat Excellensea, Pratap Lunch Home, Modern Trilok Restaurant
South Indian cuisine (veg) @ Almost all the eating places in Matunga East – the hub for South Indian veg in the city
Bengali cuisine @ Petuk, Hangla’s & Bhojohari Manna
Sindhi cuisine @ all the Sindhi Camps across the city – Khar, Sion, Kopri, Mulund & Chembur. Kailash Parbat & Royal Sindh (which now has shuttered). 
UP cuisine @ Pancham Puriwala (here they serve proper UP style Puri with ghiya ki sabzi).
Parsi cuisine @ Cafe Military, Ideal Corner, Sassanian, Jimmy Boy, Cafe Excelsior, R.T.I, Ashmick’s Snack Shack & Britannia & Co 
German cuisine @ Imbiss
African cuisine (Nigerian, to be precise) @ Wazobia Kitchen and Grill, Green Onion & Puku’s 
Italian cuisine @ Mia Cucina 
Greek cuisine @ Grecko 
Middle Eastern/Lebanese cuisine @ Sufra & Bistro Grill (closed)
Mexican cuisine @ Sancho’s, Mexiloko (dunno if Mexican or Tex-Mex) & Quattro 

Irani cuisine @ Piccadilly – the only eating place in the city serving Irani cuisine which is Zeresk Pilaf, Khoreshte  Badanjun, Juje Kebab & stuff. The rest are mostly Zoroastrian Irani owned cafe/bakery serving a Mumbaiya mix — Kheema Pav, Bun Maska & so on. Something I’ve tried at almost every Irani cafe/bakery in the city. 
Punjabi cuisine – Dhabba style @ Guru Da Dhaba, Sainath Kulchewala, National Restaurant, Amritsar Da Dhaba & Crystal. 
Proper rich Punjabi food @ Sher-E-Punjab, Lamba’s, Khyber, Zaffran & Copper Chimney.
Punjabi Mumbaiya (an amalgamation of Punjabi, mainly Pakistani Punjabi & Mumbaiya) @ Hazara, Gopal Chicken & Meat Center, Nagpal Fish Fry Corner, Mini Punjab & Hardeep’s. 
Furthmore, there are lot of unique eating places churning out cuisine that cannot be classified but is unique. Hotel Grant House at CST is one such place. Owned by Verma Bros from Andhra Pradesh. They’ve given an Andhra twist to a Mumbai-Irani & Maharashtrian cuisine. The now-shuttered New Sardar at Lalbagh gave Maharashtrian cuisine a Kannada Saraswat twist. One more cuisine-hybrid place is, Universal Kebab Kona (U.K.K) which is owned by Israel Harrington & Karl Kothavala. They twist kebabs with pocket sandwich by adding caramelized onions, french garlic and slather cheese (sometimes fried egg on top, if you ask). There are a few more places that have developed a cuisine of their own, but I haven’t tried ’em yet. Ergo, no point talking about ’em. Lastly, if ‘Bhawans’ can be considered then, have tried the food at Kerala Bhawan, Goa Bhawan, Orissa Bhawan & Assam Bhawan.

Author: Shashank

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