Exploring Street Food, Bengali Style in CR Park – Part 2

Its been over three years that wrote Exploring Street Food, Bengali Style in CR Park and a LOT has changed in those 3 years. Most importantly I have become a meat-eater and feel that my taste buds have evolved which usually is a natural process however for someone who #Lives2Eat its got to be much stronger.
I happened to visit Market No.2 in CR Park once again, and once again gorged on the goodies available at Dadu Cutlet Shop. Tried their Samosa (also known as Shingara in Eastern part of India) which I feel is a steal for Rs.7 and its unlike any other samosa that you would get in Delhi. Not sure how authentic Bengali it is, however very different from what we are used to for sure. Unlike Delhi it is served with a white chutney (which they tell me is made from Garlic, Chillies and Mustard paste) and some basic salad on the side instead of the standard green (coriander/mint etc) & Red (sweet) chutney. The difference does not end there, the potato inside is not mashed, however cut into small pieces, fried and then mixed with spices. Besides that it also had come Chickpea and Peanuts in it. Told you, this one was exotic.
Samosa or Shingara – Notice the Salad and Chutney
Inside the Samosa – fried potatos, chickpeas visible.
The Menu of Dadu Cutlet Shop
Another thing which costed Rs. 7 was Pyazi, which basically is a Pyaz pakoda or Bhajiya as it would be called in other parts of country. I failed to notice any differences, that is if there were any, but for its price it did taste good. Next we dug into a Mutton Chop which costed Rs.25 and was loved by my friends. It was not pure mutton, my guess is that it had some vegetable mixed in it. There was Egg Devil Chop, in which the same keema (of which mutton chop is made) was filled inside the egg, then it was batter coated and fried. I found the texture and taste of this one much better than the other Mutton chop that we had, and to be honest I just could not get enough of it. Item unlike any I have come across, MUST TRY! 🙂
Mutton Chop
Egg Devil Chop
We also enjoyed the Puchka from the guy who has a counter on the front side of the market, near Republic of Chicken. For the uninitiated Puchkas are Bengali for Gol Gappas or Paani Puri. Essentially made of Atta they are very thin and are stuffed with a mix of mashed potato, chana and spices before getting dunked into water which again is different from the flavors we are used to. If you do not compare it with your version of Gol Gappa and appreciate spicy and tangy flavors, you are going to fall in love with this one.
Puchka – Can you see the spices in water?
Puchka – This time with sweet ref chutney added to it.
Inside the vessel that contained Paani
Another interesting thing that we ate was cousin of our own good old matra or the chhole served with kulche on the streets of Delhi. Its called Ghugni and its basically Yellow Peas cooked with some gravy and served with some more crispy add on, simple namkeen and bhujiya in our case. Quite a guilt-free snack it makes for. Btw the same guy would fix you jhal muri, bhel puri and other goodies, in Bengali style ofcourse.
from the Ghugni Stall
How Ghugni was served. Photo Credits : Kriti Nagpal
There was this new sweet shop we noticed opposite the Puchka guy, atleast it looked new to me, tried Lime flavored and Chocolate Flavored Sondesh from them, both of them were very fresh and melt in the mouth types. Something that I need to go back for.
And none of my food crawl in that area can be complete without a large size Kullhad of Mishti Doi from Annapurna Sweets. Smooth, creamy, sweet, sour, cold, earthy – Mishti Doi is Goddess’s direct and personal blessing to mankind. Do not miss it any cost, I doubt they do any better than what is served at Annapurna Sweets in Market No.2 of CR Park.
Mishti Doi
Please read the earlier post as well, I am sure you will find more good food there. :

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