Farzi Cafe – Indian Food Ver. 2.0

Before anything else, I would like to share the kind of expectations I had from Farzi Cafe – It is a part of the Massive Restaurants – A company that owns Made in Punjab in Gurgaon & Mumbai – both of them have managed to impress me quite well, serving some of the best North Indian food that I have enjoyed. Besides that they have Masala Library in BKC, Mumbai, which managed to stun me on my only visit to the restaurant. Having traveled though India the play of flavors and combinations those guys served me told me a lot about the effort that went behind every dish. Besides the effort it needed lot of craziness, creativity and deep understanding of flavors. And now we come to Farzi Cafe.
Farzi is an Urdu word widely used to denote fake, not genuine, here it also denotes illusion. Illusion in the way food is perceived, presented and consumed. Farzi Cafe banks on Molecular Gastronomy to create that illusion, which sounds like a fancy word, however technically speaking is merely a tool for chefs with a creative bent of mind to play with their food in the ways it has never been done before. Earlier the term only referred to the scientific investigation of cooking, however around the change in millennium it started to describe a style of cooking  where science and technology were embraced in the kitchen. The food that was presented to us, is molecular gastronomy applied to Indian Food. India food and flavors, recreated & re-mixed to change the way you perceive them, hence creating the illusion.
Mishti Doi Spheres
Raj Kachori with Kurkuri Bhindi Salad

Inside of Raj Kachori
From Rajkachori without a hole in it, to mishti doi spherical bubble which pops in your mouth, to chutney disguised as froth. From Maggie with Foie Gras, truffle oil and pine nuts to bhelpuri in powdered form, to karela disguised as calamari – everything manages to surprise us by the sheer illusion.  Then there came a burger in which the patty was galouti kebab, pork chops in a sauce made of kashmiri rista reduction, chicken lollipops with southern chettinad style sauce wrapped around it which I feel had not much to do with the sorcery called molecular gastronomy but sheer experience and creativity of human mind. 
Bhel Puri, yup, you read it right.
Pork Chops in Rista reduction
Samosa stuffed with duck
Prawns with chutney in froth form

As overwhelmed as I was with the width of the variety, I was more pleased by the sheer fact that everything tasted best in class. The showmanship was there, however that did not mean that the food was lacking punch from any angle. The use of spices, the quality of ingredients, the combination of flavors gave depth to all the width in the food they serve. The bun in which Galouti kebab was serve was soft, fresh and melt in mouth, not saying much about the kebab here because on it they have expertise from Made in Punjab anyhow. The pork used was succulent, tender and very well cooked. Raj Kahcori’s filling was fresh and different that it ensured that I finished it the bhelpuri as fancy as it looked, at that spicy zing to it. Oh! and did I mention about that Samosa with duck stuffed inside it then a coating of sauce on the outside? Mind-blowing stuff. 
Chiicken Chettinaa Lollipops
Karela Calamari
Kebab Burgers
Inside the Kebab Burger – Absolutely loved them. 

Posh Maggi – Complete with Truffle oil, Foie Gras and Pine nuts 
Sarso, Makki, White makhan, Chaach – Go figure.
The eye for detail was very apparent in presentation, the egg drops, the flower petals, the saunf and kalonji on mishti doi sphere, use to curry patta on chicken lollipop the small cube of butter on those green kebabs (which have a story of their own) everything told me about the depth of understanding of the food that these guys have and how much effort it might have been to present it the way they are presenting it.
Sounds all good to me as long as someone is keeping a tab on what exactly proponents of Molecular Gastronomy are doing to the food and what exactly would its impact on foods nutrition and the human body eventually. But we shall cross that bridge once we reach it.
Cheese Cake in Parle G crust.
Roohafza waala Creme Brulee
The Mujhwas, dried pan in Cotton Candy
And did I tell you about the desserts? The Roohafza flavored Crème brûlée if I might call it, complete with the hard burnt layer of caramel on top, topped with some faluda,  and the Cheese Cake in which Parle G biscuits are used for the crust? They come dipped in something that tasted like rabri with some colorful gems thrown in, which immediately delights the kid in you. Even the mukhwas  was given an Out of the Box twist – A dried paan wrapped in cotton candy shaped like a gujiya. And they tell me that we have only see the tip of ice-berg yet. 
Fancy mumbo jumbo aside, as I mentioned earlier, its merely a tool for playing with food and you need creativity and understanding of flavors of next level to create what Farzi Cafe has managed to create here. They have managed to impress with both width and depth  of their food and I feel have created a revolutionary concept in Indian food scene, making in modern and exciting. Very exciting. 
Btw I have not talked about the fancier stuff that they do, oh yes, they pull lot many stunts off but then somethings are better left for surprises. If you are a food lover with an open mind then you should visit this place. Enough said. 
PS : Farzi Cafe is located in DLF Cyberhub in Gurgaon

Author: Shashank

CFE – Cheap Food Enthusiast Entrepreneur by birth, hippie by heart he is here just because he loves to eat. This adventurous biker is constantly looking for new avenues to satisfy his insatiable hunger for food & life. Though he loves sugar dense food, there is nothing sugar coated about him- brutally honest with his words, he often ruffles feathers with his stark naked opinions about food, fancy restaurants & orthodox ideas.

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  1. Kuch Cheeze mehsoos Karni parti hai batayi nahi jaati.

    "Farzi Cafe" is one of those Experiences.

    But Shashank Bhai…. The Way you have expressed Your Food Experience at farzi cafe has helped in in actually being able to get a lot closer to the Kind of Food thy are serving.

    No Doubt after Experiencing Made In Punjab and Masala Library the Expectations keep increasing from Massive!!

    Lovely Pics and Lovely Presentation!!

  2. Shashank Bhai…How much should a party of 5 should expect in bill, if they order decent quantity dinner ? Please advise.

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