Puchka – The Bong Bomb of flavours in Gurgaon – By Anuradha Gupta

Those tiny wafer thin deep fried balls filled with super spices, mashed potatoes and other things and dunked in that crazy flavorful water – yes that’s the generic description of Puchka, Golgappa and Pani Puri. It seems like all are the same but well they all belong to same family but are very different from each other.
Puchka – in all its glory..
I love the whole family but have a special place in my heart for the bong baby of the family.
Puchka is made of atta and is crispier and bigger than others and because its bigger it holds more filling and more of that spicy water. There, I just told you the a little secret why it holds a special place in my heart apart from other good things about it.

Shaped like aballl and thinner than a wafer
Puchka – Another look

I have eaten Puchka in CR park which is the benchmark of good Puchkas for us Delhi NCR people and some places where it was not so great. Recently found this guy in Gurgaon, Sector 31 near the Om Sweets, he stands on the corner of the red building near Benetton. He comes at 5 pm everyday and finishes up his goodies by 7 pm. His puchkas are one of the best I have ever eaten and it is a sight to see him making those – The rhythmic movement of his fingers to put the different masalas in the Puchka is a class act!

Puchka seller in Sector 31 of Gurgaon

It has filling of mashed potatoes and boiled kale channa and then he adds salt, red chilli, rock salt, the finely pounded green chillies and one secret masala – all of them as per your taste. So, yes its so much fun to get every single puchka customized as per your taste!!

You can see the spices, punded chillies and the mashed potato with chana mix
Its a small platform placed in a tripod from which all the business is conducted.

The secret masala is the very exotic Moodi Masala which is a mixture of bay leaves, coriander seeds and dried mango powder and some more spices. So now can you imagine what a brilliant blend of flavour is this puchka is. Oh! and wait he hasn’t dunked it in super spicy water with tamarind, mint, coriander, red chilli, cumin and rock salt yet.

Cold & Spicy water which is filled in Puchka

It is very unusual for me to be not being able to put flavor in words but I cant do justice to this flavor bomb. Where do I begin from to describe it, the tanginess of tamarind to the kick of bay leaves to the earthiness of roasted cumin to the freshness of mint, it is just mind blowing!!! And I am telling you those generous filling of pounded green chillies just take it to next level. 

He also has a meetha pani which is made of sugar and jaggery and is equally brilliant. Ask him to just fill one with pounded green chilles and meetha pani, the flavours are unlike anything in this world. Or alternate one theeka pani with meetha pani puchka, its so much fun and unique sensation for the mouth!!

Meetha or Sweet Paani

Puchka is my solution for all life problems, the solution to bad mood, bad health and bad hangover. And this one does everything in oh so awesome style. I can never have enough of these – Never ever in my life!

He also gives one sukha puchka in the end which is just a overstuffed puchka with generous helping of masalas and coriander leaves, but then again it superbly awesome.

Sukha or Dry Puchka served in the end.

As I am typing this, I cant help but make plans to eat this again right now!!

He also makes Churmur which is a chat with crumbled puchka and same ingredients and lots of lemon but then again it tastes very different from puchka and my visit to him is incomplete with a churmur chat with extra mirchi!! That is the beauty of food, same ingredients used differently and you have another delicious dish ready!!


The guy is very laid back which is so Kolkata and loves to take his time to make puchka and so patient that he customizes every single puchkas as per my demand and yes i eat 15 puchkas atleast in one go!!

These puchkas are the reason why I am starting to like Gurgaon and yes they are so awesome that you can come all they way from Delhi without a second thought.
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Author: Shashank

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9 thoughts on “Puchka – The Bong Bomb of flavours in Gurgaon – By Anuradha Gupta”

  1. Juss read the blog with my mouth open… Green chilly in puchka im sure will give a great kick to taste buds… cant wait to visit the smiling GG Bhaiya ji… :- ) Keep Exploring

  2. Your article and the pictures here almost got me transported to my home city. At the same time though, now after having read this piece, I'm rueing my bad luck that I have never tried the puchkas at CR park, ever. Feeling so embarrassed and sorry for myself that I have been a frog in the well for the last 6-7 years!
    At the risk of sounding disrespectful towards the paanipuri waalaas of Delhi, I really could never enjoy eating paanipuris in Delhi, my every attempt at a newer place ended up in disappointment, so much so that I completely stopped eating paanipuris here. I would only wait for my next visit to my home city (Bhubaneswar, Odisha) to devour these 'gupchups' (yeah, we call these gupchups) and would eat to my fill. If I can remember correctly, it was in 2008 from Krishna Sweets in Rohini that I had eaten paanipuris in Delhi the last time and like every previous experience, the taste was a disaster and I stopped altogether thereafter.
    I really can't thank you enough for this favour, now I don't have to wait till Sept to eat gupchup… now I have two options – CR park or this Gurgaon wala…. Yayyyyy 😀

    P.S. — However, back in Odisha, they use boiled white matar (the ones that are used in 'ghughuni') — and not kaalaa chanaa — along with the mashed aloo and the masalas.

  3. The panipuri/golgappa/gupchup as I call them are like comfort food. The best I had from three places: in harihar (Karnataka) , he was from UP yet lived in this small Kannada speaking village. Second from a Odiya gupchup m moodi wala in Raipur and third in my hometown Bhopal.
    Unfortunately I never liked them Delhi (no offense), but after reading your review things are looking up. Its nearby my office so will go there soon. The pictures are drool worthy!

  4. Amazing description and rightly said "puchka is my solution for all life problems" :), Being from Kolkata I was very disappointed when I had golgappe's for the first time in Delhi…my first thought was like, really? I have to live with this?
    But then staying near CR park turned out to be a boon, so I'm happy :). Never knew there was someone selling authentic puchka's in Gurgaon, thanks for the tip.

  5. Anuradha ji.. I live like 20 meters away from this guy's corner .. And you've captured his art beautifully .. Padh kar phir khaane ka Mann kar gaya .. aaj shaam ka jugaad yehi hoga 🙂

  6. I have been eating n relishing this from last 5 years or so, living nearby!

    Few things:
    1. Very very addictive taste, once u start craving for this no other golgappa/panipuri or puchka will fulfill that crave
    2. This is not one, but its a chain run by some 'munna bhai'.. Look at blue dress this guy wears u ll find the stamp of chain
    3. Similar stalls u may find in sector 31, 15-2, 56, Sadar bazaar, 14 to my knowledge
    4. I have seen this stall past 5 years, the person keep changing and stall remains

    Bad things:
    1. Taste is too salty but very very addictive
    2. Gol gappa quality is not that soft
    3. Hygine is not maintained to severely bad level.. Using hands which are not clean..
    4. Don't get addicted.. Very often usage may harm ur mouth n stomach

    I got that addicted that I tried finding alternates which are similar but better
    1. Many independent vendors have started duplicate of this chain.. I know 3 of those.. One in sector 31 2nd market near amber parlor.. Remaining 2 in sector 14.. Market
    2. Out of these duplicates, one in sec 14 near om sweets offer similar taste(but not same).. Better n soft golgappas and surely hygienic.

    Rest explore itself n get to know.. Do post ur feedback

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