The Oberoi Maidens Hotels – A Soothing Breakfast.

Spent a very relaxed Sunday morning at The Garden Terrace Restaurant of Oberoi Maidens Hotel (New Delhi) which is a Heritage Hotel in its 111 years now . Neither there is something exceptionally good about the food, nor the spread too lavish. Its a very small restaurant by modern standards (40 pax types),  which has a beautiful setting, the indoors being from colonial era while outdoors being a very soothing green. Overall its the old world & quaint charm of the property that attracts someone like me. 
However I found the food to be quite good and generally speaking not too many reasons to complain about if I am not being too demanding, a kind of place where you would want to have a relaxed conversation while soaking all the Shanti around  and have the luxury of all that good food at your disposal at the same time.
Barring couple of service issues, speaking the hospitality was upto the mark, courteous and were serving with a smile. The service issues we had I would attribute to peak hour and then we ourselves were 14 people who were there solely to eat and generally to make most of the buffet. Yes, it was an Eatlo Eatup after all. 
The buffet costed Rs.750 + taxes and had usual mix of Cereals, Juices, Cold Cuts, Cheeses, South Indian, North Indian, Breads, Donuts, Fruits, Eggs etc, not of the lavish side, however still offering great choices. 
Here are some pictures of food from this morning, mostly clicken by yours truly, some of them by fellow Eatlopian, Shivendu Mittal.

The Outdoor seating that I enjoy the most, heavily dependent on weather though. In picture fellow food lovers from Eatlo. 
The Spread, very functional, however still did not make me miss anything.
Tomato Idli with two types of chutney on top.
Scrambled Eggs
Chocochip Pancakes
Sausages – Closer look
Oh! we had some company..
A look from the Inside
Eggs Benedict – Off the menu, still served with smile, multiple times. 
Aloo Puri – If you an Indian Avoid, if you are a tourist do try them. 
Crispy Bacon and Chicken Sausages.
Pancakes were really nice, served with molten Butter  & maple Syrup
Mixed Parantha
Paneer Parantha – very nice when it came the first time, however second time kind of a disaster with extra salt and missing Methi leaves. 
Paper Dosa – sambhar was bland, chutneys were really nice. 
Paranthas from outside. 
Poached Eggs
Waffles, served with molten Butter & Maple Syrup.

The Lawn next to the outside seating area – With fellow foodies from Eatlo
Photo Credits : Shivendu Mittal
Photo Credits : Shivendu Mittal
Photo Credits : Shivendu Mittal

Photo Credits : Shivendu Mittal

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  1. i have no second thoughts when i say you may find the best breakfast in the Oberoi/Trident hotels… i can say this confidently because i have worked and graduated from The Oberoi… there is a team of chef that works in every section of the kitchen through out the night to have the best and the most fresh breakfast.. from juices to parathas.. i am sure you must have had a similar experience in The Oberoi Gurgaon as well… i hate missing these kind of eatups but love it to see it from the eyes of fellow eatlopians 🙂

  2. It is very good surprise for me because I have visited the hotel page and I fell in love the place, and definitely will visit. I like special places. Thank you very much. The atmosphere is very European.

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