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Naivedyam has been in Patel Nagar ever since I can remember, and apparently have never visited the place. Have tried the Hauz Khas Village restaurant a few times and don’t remember having a bad experience. Yesterday we entered the place at around 12:45 pm and were the first customers for a Sunday. The place did not smell too good and the staff was just clueless looking at our expressions. 
We started by ordering from Day Specials (before that a very nice Rasam was served, on the house) : Parotha Kurma & Appam Kurma – As these are the items that you usually do not get at ‘South-Indian’ menus in Delhi. Along with them we ordered a plate of Dahi Vada and normal Idli each.  
Food took its time in making, however was hot and fresh, the only grouch being that the server forgot to serve us plates to eat from. 
Dahi Vada – None of us enjoyed it, maybe matter of palette.
Idli – Hot, soft and fresh – good stuff.
Parotta – came with 3 parottas and Kurma, very well made.
Appam – Two appams served one after the other, nothing to complain.
Parotta with Kurma (Look at that steel bowl)
Idli with Gunpowder on the side
Dahi Vada
Then we had to wait for some time for waiter to come to us to take the order, somehow the waiter just seemed clueless. On complaining, some senior looking person started to take our orders. 
We managed to place order of Rawa Mysore Masala Dosa, Mix Veg Oothapam, Bisibelle Bhaat & Puliogre. Except for the Oothapam which seemed dry everything was delicious, specially Bisibelle bhaat which is like a simple khichdi, however on steroids of flavors. Something my mom loved and says she is gonna try at home. Puliogre which are tamarind rice did not draw much favor from the table and it was constantly compared to Bisibelle bhaat, which was the blue eyed boy of the lunch. 
Bisibelle Bhaat or Khichdi
Sambhar, Chutney – again check the bowls.
Tamarind Rice or Puliyogre
The one thing that bettered me was that the plates were chipped from lot of places and even the steel utensils did not seem the way they should. 
My Ratings for Patel Nagar Outlet:
Taste : 3.5/5
Value for Money : 3.5/5
Hygiene : 2/5
Ambiance : 3/5
Service : 3/5

Overall 3/5 kind of place.

Rice payasam
Mysore Pak – came from a box thet sell over counter. 
Its not exactly a street stall where hygiene takes a back seat in comparison of taste, however for a full service dine in restaurant, they definitely need to get their house in order. The plus point being that for a City like Delhi they do offer a varied menu and the food quality is high & close to authentic, generally speaking. Super value for money – Which all holds true for any other outlet of Neivedyam. 
Final Bill..
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