How to make Chai or Indian Tea? 10 different styles

Different people share their Secrets of brewing perfect Chai – from vessels to spices, to the ratio of milk to water, everything matters.

Thing with chai is that everyone has their own style of making it, and there is nothing that can be called a ‘Perfect’ recipe.

Everyone has a different variant – when to add sugar, when to add tea leaves, how much to boil, spices to add – There can be a perfect recipe for one person, but not a universal or globally accepted procedure for the same. So whatever you end up making, as long as you enjoy the cup, its perfect.

Chai in glass
Chai in glass

Image Credits : Shashank Aggarwal

However to share the best practices and procedures for making the humble chai, we asked our users on how they like to make their Chai and here are some of the responses.

Suprapta Ghosh No milk… love my Darjeeling tea brewed over boiling water and the aroma of Orange pekoe or earl grey just with a sugar cube.

Saurabh Kakkar Though I ve started having green tea… But whenever I have normal tea the ratio of water and milk is 50:50, i love to add adrak, elaichi and laung and to make one cup I use 3/4 cup water and 3/4 cup milk and then boil it until one cup is left. (Adrak – Ginger, Elaichi – Cardamom, Laung – Cloves)

Harvi V Manku I like my chai without sugar but when making for hubby, I add sugar when the water starts boiling (I put in cardamom and ginger too) – let it boil for a good 2/3 minutes and then add milk :).

Chai in Kulhad
Chai in Kulhad

Image Credits : Anuradha Gupta

Aman Kahlon First of all you need a Peetal a Pateela (without kalai) to make cha. No water only Milk as milk already has the required amount of water these days. (Matlab Dudh te Patti Thok ke te Paani rok ke). Thrown in some bashed adrak, cheeni, bashed elaichi and Kadak Patti (Wagh bakri) ubalo for 4-5 times and Pour in a tea glass.

Reemz Patnaik 3/4 water,1/4 milk, a teaspoon or so chai Patti n boil till nice brown…first cup always with sugar :D. 

Mansi Kaur Dhunna Adrak wali chaa…Ek chamach chini teh 1/4th cup duddh … 2 uballey…chaano te piyo.

Mansi Udeshi UpretiMy chai has a set recipe. One cup tea will have water and milk in equal ratio, add one tbsp chai Patti, 2 tbsp sugar , 1/2 tsp homemade chai masala, 1/2 inch ginger piece. And let it brew till it gets lovely golden color.

निहारिका सिंह Doodh patti…tata tea city…milk n water 9:1..sugar…all put together to boil on lowest flame n filter after five minutes.
P.S. i love it with parle-G biscuits

Moumita Rudra I like my tea with less sugar, some ginger, thick milk and Assam tea smile emoticon don’t like too much boiled tea…it should be light in color…say somewhat pinkish or so…I prefer power milk when it comes to tea actually

truck Driver Chai - Cha bar
Truck Driver Chai from Oxford Cha Bar in Delhi.
 Image Credits : Kriti Nagpal

Mukul Aloria 1St of all boil water with sugar, ginger and elaichi after few mins add milk in it and then in last add patti… see the difference you would love it i bet.. thats how we make it at home 🙂

Sheetal Juneja Ati Depends with what you are having…. More milk when having with Stuffed paranthas. Less milk when you want to enjoy the flavour. And yes NO sugar ??

Now that you know a few tricks, time to to get experimenting your and see if you get are able to brew that cup you love. Whatever you do, do comeback and share it in the comments. If you click pictures, do upload them on along with the process in a line or two, would be of great help to other food lovers.

Featured Image Credits : Kunal Arora

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  1. Just got married and my mom in law adds cinnamon which I had never heard of anybody adding to their tea …different and nice for a change. Usual is adrak ki chai 🙂

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