What to eat in Kasauli? 5 Food Joints that you CANNOT Miss

I was writing a comment on Facebook to make suggestions to my friend Ashwani Kohli for his upcoming trip to Kasauli.  Given the kind of experience I had on my ride and overnight stay in the small hill-town I was not able to resist and keep my words limited for a Facebook comment. I thought making a blog post out of it and sharing some pictures would put this information to better use in long term for me and my friends.

The hotels would start from 2k, the cheapest I managed to find was for Rs.900 and that too was a dump (Hotel Aanchal I guess) . That said Google for HPTDC property there, they never disappoint.

Outside seating area at Roscommons and HPTDC Hotel

In the HPTDC hotel itself they have a restaurant called The Roscommon, which is very nice, ask them to put tables out in the sun and they would serve you there as well, even as walk in customers. A lunch is recommended for sure (Chicken Anardana I had, loved it. Local HP Specialty).

Chicken Anardana, listed as local speciality at Roscommon


Chicken Anardana with Roti


Roscommon’s Menu from outside

And there is this bakery/grocery (Daily Needs it is called I guess) store near the hotel itself, which is quite legendary for its ham and salami sandwiches. Do check that out, personally when I was there, the owner seemed a bit arrogant and that did not help my appetite along with the fact that I had an amazing breakfast sometime back at the Tannu ki Dukaan.

Narinder Sweet House or Tannu Ki Dukaan in Lower Bazaar – Dig into those hot Gulab Jamuns for dessert, Khushwant Singh says they are the best in the world, and I am still struggling to find a fault to his statement.. 😛 – And that is not all, they are L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y for their Bun Samosa, part of the Kasauli folklore.

Tannu ki Dukaan
Tikki Chhole at Tannu ki Dukaan


Tikkis being made


The Legendary Bun Samosa


Khushwant Singh’s favorite Gulab Jamun


Gulab Jamun


Inside of a Samosa

Sher-e-Punjab Dhaba in Lower bazaar – Rustic, Super Simple, Ek Dum Desi... a place where you just want to order Chicken Curry and Tandoori Roti on a cold winter night after few drinks. Trust me, there are not much left like them.

Shere Punjab Dhaba
Chicken Curry


Inside Shere-e-Punjab Dhaba

And then further down on the lower bazaar street there is this small Chai Ki Dukaan on the left hand side, its a stand alone shop. Uske Pakode bahut hi shaandaar hai. Father and son duo, takes 15 minutes to make a round and make only 1kg per round. So its usual to wait for 15 or 30 minutes to get your share. But that goes very well with the laid-back pace of Kasauli and gives you an opportunity to sip couple of cups of chai while sitting on the street-side looking at the valley and letting the life drift by like a cloud.

Aloo Pyaaz ke pakode on the roadside. Done to perfection.
Christ Church Kasauli


An evening in Kasauli

PS : While you are there, do search for Solan No.1, a blended malt whiskey which I last managed to find at the local booze shop in Kasauli itself. Connoisseurs say its amongst the best they have ever tasted, and me..? I don’t have much taste in booze but really enjoyed the quart I bought for myself. The reason you should look for it there : because it is made there.

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4 thoughts on “What to eat in Kasauli? 5 Food Joints that you CANNOT Miss”

  1. Sher-e-punjab anand dhaba is still around?? i went to kasauli in 1994 and reached there ona day when it was raining heavily and it was super cold. I remember eating the most heavenly rajma chawal in that dhaba on that day..

  2. I love kasauli hills. I have spent most of my time over there. I would like to walk in mountains, specially near railway track. I love toy train. I love to ride my bike in kasauli, it prevents me from traffic also. Now a days there is so much family's visiting over there and because of this, there are so many cars and it causing so much traffic, which is so annoying. But whenever i visit in kasauli, i feel fresh every time. It gives so much peace inside my body.

  3. I go to Kasauli often. Usually we always stay at Ros Commons Annexee (located away from main building down a steep narrow road), but unfortunately they are demolishing that now 🙁 Daily Needs store is usually one of our favorite places to relax in the evenings. It is run by a father-son duo. They are both nice and friendly people, and generally recognize you even if you visit after a year or two. Father looks a bit strict and might come across as arrogant, but I can assure you that once you get to know him better he will be quite friendly! They have some nice local ham and salami, and some semi-cooked stuff like roast chicken which you can take back and cook if you have a kitchen and microwave. You can also buy local produce like Bhuira jams and mutton/chicken pickle from either Daily Needs or Gupta Stores (though now they are available in many places in Delhi as well!)
    I like all the food and liquor joints you mention, including the chai-pakora shop located at the end of lower bazaar. There are also a few nice tibetan joints, including one with large posters of Bob Marley. I would also strongly recommend a visit to the sunset point at the end of upper mall, and then taking several trails starting from sunset point.

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