Chili’s – finally some Mexican in Delhi

I’ve been thinking of writing food reviews for quite a while now & considering how much I eat, it’s not a bad idea at all! So here goes my first food review blog.
Ever since Sanchos shut down (first from south ex & then CP), Delhi is officially devoid of any good Mexican food restaurant. No, Rodeo does not qualify because it serves Dal & Paneer in it’s buffet. And as for Amigo, well a bad experience there (let’s not get into details but it involved an insect) would ensure I never go there again!
So my long wait for cheesy Tacos, Burritos, Enchiladas & Quesadillas finally ended when the American chain Chillis opened it’s shutter at the Ambience Mall in Vasant Kunj.
Firstly, the ambiance: I’d give it a high rating of 8/10 because I felt extremely comfortable there. Plenty of seating space, despite which I’m guessing they are gonna have waiting soon.
Now the Food : The Menu is well focused. In appetizers, go for their Classic Nachos- not as messy as the ones at Hard Rock Cafe(which I think are superb) but tasty in their own way. And dare not forget the Onion Rings & Jalapeno Pepper stack (they were almost over by the time I remembered to take the pic), the yummiest big basket of fried vegetarian appetizer I’ve had.
Classic Nachos Platter
Onion Rings & Jalapeno Pepper Stack
The drinks menu is pretty good too, they serve 4 chilled Beers in a basket for just Rs.500 & for just Rs.100 you get unlimited refills of any soft drink (diet coke, sprite etc)! That’s pretty neat i say, but forget all that & go for their Minty Melon, a mocktail that will blow your mind away, it’s so refreshing & comes in a big martini glass that looks like it belongs to a clown. Very cute :D.
Minty Melon
Now the main course, it is kind of difficult to decide but I chose the classics – Cheese & Mushroom Tacos, the Vegetable Quesadillas, Chicken Fajitas & the Crispy Honey – Chipotle Chicken Crispers. Quite a big order eh? Yes, we were 4 people and we all eat like Monsters. By the way, they give you an option of choosing your tacos Crisp or non-Crisp, I always go for the crisp ones cos, even thought it makes the food messy, it just tastes better!

The tacos were messy and delicious, they don’t go stingy on the cheese or the vegetables inside & I like that. The Quesadillas too, were made to perfection & boy, were they cheesy. Both of these dishes were served with rice & black-beans on the side, true Mexican way. The chicken, OMG the CHICKEN, it was awesome! so crispy and flavorful on the outside & juicy on the inside. The chicken is served with fries and corn-on-cob on the side. I’d actually go back there just for the chicken, no wait, actually i’d go back for a lot of things. Oh & the Fajitas were good too, I can’t write too much about them coz i just had a bite or two & I’m not a big Fajita fan. Over all, I’d give the food a high 8.5/10

Cheese & Mushroom Tacos (Crisp)
Veggie Quesadillas
The service at the place was quick & efficient, most dishes came within 10 minutes of ordering. The portions are BIG & the prices are not. The staff is well informed and makes good suggestions, I personally find that a very good thing.
One extremely wonderful thing about this restaurant is that despite having a full Bar, it still seems like a family restaurant & is very child-friendly. My second visit here was with my 3yr-old niece and the waitress was kind enough to get a baby chair along with an activity kit that contained child-safe crayons & coloring book to keep them entertained. Excellent way to attract families I say!
After visiting the place thrice, I’d strongly recommend this place. Be it for a couple of drinks with buddies, or a fulfilling meal with family after shopping, A good place to unwind!