What Biscuits make for best nashta with your Chai?

We asked our users what their favorite Biscuits are to eat with tea, and we compiled a post to share the response with our readers.

As we know, tea is a part of Indian lifestyles – something that most of the families wake up to. And if you are someone who loves to eat, tea is just an excuse to indulge a bit further. In-fact long wed couples, those of our parents and grand-parents age have tea-rituals – like the time of the tea, the places they sit and drink it, brand of Namkeen, number of biscuits, bakery of rusks everything becomes part of the tea story of a family.
We thought it would be good to know what biscuits are most popular in market these days and hence we posted a question in one of our Facebook groups. Here is the question and responses to the same…
Shashank Aggarwal Who all enjoy Biscuits with their Morning tea? Which ones are your favorites? 😛 😀
Anjali AhujaAnjali AhujaAata biscuits… The hand made ones from local B bakery
Siddhartha VvarmaSiddhartha Vvarmaparle G Gold n Nutri choice Cracker
Shilpa Din BhatiaShilpa Din BhatiaBrirtania Marie
Gurpreet SinghGurpreet Singhaate waale frm gol market
'Mohit Anand'‘Mohit Anand’Parle G 🙂
Sahil MathurSahil MathurOne simply doesn’t forgets Patangali 😉
Sahil Mathur's photo.
Ruchika NarangRuchika NarangAate wale n new love for besan wale?
Muskaan GuptaMuskaan GuptaGood day cashew wale
Ridhima Marwaha LoombaRidhima Marwaha LoombaMarie or digestive
Arti GargArti GargBritannia nutrichoice
Vivek RajVivek RajNice biscuits
Sayantani BiswasSayantani BiswasBritannia marie tongue emoticon or rusk
Anju KohliAnju KohliSunfeast marie
Nitin TekriwalNitin TekriwalI always love Monaco the salted classic one…..
Amreet SumiAmreet SumiJeera biskut bakery waala
A.a. RaazA.a. RaazMe……
A.a. Raaz's photo.
Mansi ChaudharyMansi ChaudharyParle G or aate ke biscuits
Tamanna Singh PuriaTamanna Singh PuriaAatte wale,rusk,fan and mom’s magic these days
Sekhar BanerjeeSekhar BanerjeeBritannia Marie & Britannia Nutrichoice
Pankaj KheraPankaj KheraAate wale, fan ya rass (not risk)
Priyanka SharmaPriyanka SharmaMarie Vita ?
Johar RamaJohar Ramamultigrain biscuits
Johar Rama's photo.
Akshay SainiAkshay SainiParle G?
Amit JainAmit JainParle G or frontiers pista biscuits..yummy
Madhumati SinghMadhumati SinghSunfeast glucose!! Second best!! Best wale next week chal kar aa rahe hain… From my village.. Desi ghee aatey wale
Aavyansh BansalAavyansh BansalI love any biscuit with lots of almonds and other nuts and crackers
Himani SharmaHimani SharmaNutrichoice whole wheat smile emoticon
Shobhita SharmaShobhita SharmaWid tea tiger/parle g anyday. Also shrewsberry (esp if they r from kayani Baker’s,Pune)
Gaurav AgarwalGaurav AgarwalMarie & Parle G
Abhinandan GoswamiAbhinandan Goswamioats biscuits or karachi biscuits (if available)
Ankita PodderAnkita PodderRusk …dip krke…
Faizan PatelFaizan PatelMarie Gold and Gooday Cashew
Shama BhutaniShama BhutaniToo much saturated fats …hidden source. Prefer fresh popped corn sometimes with morning tea. Otherwise nothing…green tea ke saath kuchh nahin chahiye
Kriti NagpalKriti NagpalParle G,Rusk and atta biscuits *_*
Kashmiri DoleyKashmiri DoleyCake rusk ?
Shwetal GuptaShwetal GuptaNice tym & cocunut cookies !! Rusk with butter spread on it !!
Nishant AroraNishant AroraFrontier ka Suji n Saunf rusk else Aata Biscuit which we get made from a known local baker in Karnal 🙂
CharanPal SinghCharanPal SinghUNIBIC Choco Ripple :’)
Gaurav GoelGaurav Goel50-50, Marrie gold, monaco, Parle G
Sneha MazumdarSneha MazumdarMarie Gold/Rusk/50-50
Manu SharmaManu SharmaBritannia nutri choice
Piyush WadhwaniPiyush WadhwaniParle G, Monaco and krakjack
Rajul Priyank JainRajul Priyank JainNafees rusk, baba ramdev coconut biscuits:)
Leena SirohiLeena SirohiMini rusk with tea..
Akshay SharmaAkshay SharmaNankhatai cookies
Harish KapoorHarish KapoorParle G and Rusk
Sukriti AroraSukriti AroraI am not a tea person. But biscuits are the first thing I eat in the morning. And this has been my routine childhood k zamane se. :p

Though I love all cream biscuits, chocolate and Jim jam are my favs.

Tanvi BajajTanvi BajajTea and biscuits are a winter routine for me, and my all time favourite are the Frontier Kaju Pista and Frontier French Hearts, don’t look beyond them heart emoticon !
Ruchi AroraRuchi AroraMarie gold
Umang BhatiaUmang BhatiaAtta biscuits! and Jeera biscuits also
And the winners are :
While Parle G and Marie Gold lead the popular branded biscuits, GoodDay, 50-50 and Monaco also get a few mentions. However it seems that he most popular snack with Chai are categories in which no manufacturer has a clear lead, however there are a multitude of bakers and brands specializing in them.
~ Atta Biscuits (Atta Biscuits & Cookies) – Though the ones that you got made from your neighborhood baker, customized to your taste buds and ingredient quality remain the best option, however market these days has lot of versions available for the same. Btw.. Atta Biscuit literally means Biscuit Made from Flour – unrefined wheat flour in this case.
~ Rusk are another top category and they are available in a very wide variety – from gluten free to garlic flavors its all available out there on Amazon itself : Different Types of Rusks.
As much as we enjoy these goodies, lets not forget that these remain carb and fat dense food, and no amount of ‘healthy’ claim can convince us otherwise. Like everything else, enjoy them in moderation and try to source them from some local bakery close to home, if that is not an option, then buying them online is always an option.
PS : The picture of Baba Ramdev was added to give some sex appeal to this otherwise boring post.

How to make Chai or Indian Tea? 10 different styles

Different people share their Secrets of brewing perfect Chai – from vessels to spices, to the ratio of milk to water, everything matters.

Thing with chai is that everyone has their own style of making it, and there is nothing that can be called a ‘Perfect’ recipe.

Everyone has a different variant – when to add sugar, when to add tea leaves, how much to boil, spices to add – There can be a perfect recipe for one person, but not a universal or globally accepted procedure for the same. So whatever you end up making, as long as you enjoy the cup, its perfect.

Chai in glass
Chai in glass

Image Credits : Shashank Aggarwal

However to share the best practices and procedures for making the humble chai, we asked our users on how they like to make their Chai and here are some of the responses.

Suprapta Ghosh No milk… love my Darjeeling tea brewed over boiling water and the aroma of Orange pekoe or earl grey just with a sugar cube.

Saurabh Kakkar Though I ve started having green tea… But whenever I have normal tea the ratio of water and milk is 50:50, i love to add adrak, elaichi and laung and to make one cup I use 3/4 cup water and 3/4 cup milk and then boil it until one cup is left. (Adrak – Ginger, Elaichi – Cardamom, Laung – Cloves)

Harvi V Manku I like my chai without sugar but when making for hubby, I add sugar when the water starts boiling (I put in cardamom and ginger too) – let it boil for a good 2/3 minutes and then add milk :).

Chai in Kulhad
Chai in Kulhad

Image Credits : Anuradha Gupta

Aman Kahlon First of all you need a Peetal a Pateela (without kalai) to make cha. No water only Milk as milk already has the required amount of water these days. (Matlab Dudh te Patti Thok ke te Paani rok ke). Thrown in some bashed adrak, cheeni, bashed elaichi and Kadak Patti (Wagh bakri) ubalo for 4-5 times and Pour in a tea glass.

Reemz Patnaik 3/4 water,1/4 milk, a teaspoon or so chai Patti n boil till nice brown…first cup always with sugar :D. 

Mansi Kaur Dhunna Adrak wali chaa…Ek chamach chini teh 1/4th cup duddh … 2 uballey…chaano te piyo.

Mansi Udeshi UpretiMy chai has a set recipe. One cup tea will have water and milk in equal ratio, add one tbsp chai Patti, 2 tbsp sugar , 1/2 tsp homemade chai masala, 1/2 inch ginger piece. And let it brew till it gets lovely golden color.

निहारिका सिंह Doodh patti…tata tea city…milk n water 9:1..sugar…all put together to boil on lowest flame n filter after five minutes.
P.S. i love it with parle-G biscuits

Moumita Rudra I like my tea with less sugar, some ginger, thick milk and Assam tea smile emoticon don’t like too much boiled tea…it should be light in color…say somewhat pinkish or so…I prefer power milk when it comes to tea actually

truck Driver Chai - Cha bar
Truck Driver Chai from Oxford Cha Bar in Delhi.
 Image Credits : Kriti Nagpal

Mukul Aloria 1St of all boil water with sugar, ginger and elaichi after few mins add milk in it and then in last add patti… see the difference you would love it i bet.. thats how we make it at home 🙂

Sheetal Juneja Ati Depends with what you are having…. More milk when having with Stuffed paranthas. Less milk when you want to enjoy the flavour. And yes NO sugar ??

Now that you know a few tricks, time to to get experimenting your and see if you get are able to brew that cup you love. Whatever you do, do comeback and share it in the comments. If you click pictures, do upload them on Foodiye.com along with the process in a line or two, would be of great help to other food lovers.

Featured Image Credits : Kunal Arora

Giani Tea Shop – Old School Chai – Amritsar – Food Trippin’

Watching western movies and realizing how strong the cafe and bar culture overseas is, I always try to find places in India which serve tea and provide avenue for locals to ‘hangout’ and enjoy a quick bite. There are not many which I have found yet, however Giani Tea Shop of Amritsar seems to be one such place.The place is on a busy Amritsari road, gets as Old School, Desi and Rustic as it can get. Probably not the cleanest or most well managed place where you would let your foot in, but then some of us are suckers for old world charm and Giani offers that by the truck loads.


My first experience with them was when Dr. Aman Kahlon and Jaideep Riar took us there for tea, and as they say fortune favors the brave, at that time of the day the old man of the shop himself was at the helm of the things. And when I say at the helm, I do not mean managing the joint, but the man himself was sitting on the bhatti and making chai.
Special Chai, you can see bits of Pista on top.
A quick word from Aman Paaji to the owner, 5 minutes of waiting, and what we had on our table was probably the best Chai I have ever tasted in my life (and my 4 foodie companions from Delhi also claimed the same). This particular chai was made in Milk only, however still was dark enough to tell us how well it was brewed. Giani ji himself goes to the old part of the town and selects Chai Patti (tea leaves) of few types from tea merchants there and makes his own unique blend. Most of the times when you have tea outside you appreciate a combination of masala, ginger, elaichi, long or dalchini in the chai, however in this cuppa we could appreciate the actual flavors of the tea leaf blend.
Besides that it had some froth over it and was topped with a sprinkling of crushed pista, which was something very unique and new for me and my companions. Not sure if the pista comes from some traditional style of serving tea or Punjabi fixation of making everything rich and grand, but it went surprisingly well with that chai.
Coming to the food on offer, we tried their Omelet with bread, half fried eggs (sunny side up) and Gulab Jamun. Omelet was quite delicious, you cannot go wrong with half fried eggs and Gulab Jamuns were one of the better ones if not the best that we have had. That said, the chutney concoction that they offer with those dishes is what makes them stand out.
Bread Omelet
Their Chutney ‘mix’.
Half fried Eggs (Sunny side up)
We went to the shop again next day and unfortunately it was one of the ‘boys’ making the tea and the owner’s son was sitting at the cash counter barking orders to them boys. We ordered the same tea, which though tasted great by all standards, still lacked the punch of day before. I hope our judgment was not hazed by our knowledge of the fact that his tea was made by a different person. Will have to make more visits in future to establish that fact.
How to eat the half fried eggs, as illustrated by Aman Paaji. Go layer by layer.
Another illustration of how to eat your Half fry.
Then comes the second hand knowledge about the shop from Aman Paaji, who told us that people who come to nearby Ram Bagh, which is the most popular spot in Amritsar for morning walks, make a stop at Giani’s Tea Shop for their Chai, snacks and Gup-Shup sessions with friends. The claim collaborated by Madhup Bhutani who was one of our companions from Delhi, who happened to visit the shop a bit earlier in the morning. He tells us that the busy road in the daytime is actually deserted from traffic in the morning, and is taken over by people hanging out and enjoying their morning cup of tea.
To end it, I would say Giani Tea Shop is definitely and probably the only tea shop that I look forward to visiting again and can recommend it to anyone who appreciates their Chai, the old school way.Location : Queens Road, just before Bhandari Bridge

Shriram Center’s Canteen – Its all about Ambiance

The place – Shriram Center’s Canteen
Location – C.P. in front of Mandi House
Nearest metro station – Mandi House
First of all, the ambiance and location. Located in front of Mandi House, the entire place is lush green and frequented by the artsy Doordarshan and NSD crowd. More often than not, you will spot a gang of oldies singing and whistling old Kishore Kumar-Dev Anand songs or NSD kids rehearsing their lines. The best part of this place is its outdoor seating. In winters, you have got to sit outside and enjoy a hot cup of tea.
Food – The food (aleast the prices) takes you back to school when you had little money and one always used to explore new pocket friendly places. One thing you will see almost everyone eating is the momos. They may not be the most brilliant ones I have eaten but they surely are great in taste (I can eat momos in whatever form it is presented to me). The chutney too is good and decently spicy.
The cheese and onion toast or even the aloo toast available here is quite good. It tastes home-made with generous (but appropriate) amount of butter and perfectly complements the chai. The most unique part has to be the chowmein. It is made the same way I used to eat when I was a kid. When the bhaiyya would toss and turn the kadhai so much that only half was left in the kadhai by the time he was finished and the other half was thrown all around. It even tastes the same with onions, soya sauce, vinegar and is brown – black in color.
But the killer has to be the chai. You can get an adrak ki chai or an elaichi chai and both are splendid. It is the perfect accompaniment to everything you will order at this place. Even a non-tea drinker like me had two cups of tea here.
And all of this is extremely cheap. All the things that I mentioned came under Rs. 200. The service extremely efficient too. The bhaiyyas or the helpers are friendly, honest and non-letchery. But beware, the entry is stopped after 7.30 and the place closes around 8 pm. The best time to go to this place is in winters when the weather is perfect but summers also will do. Go to this place with a low maintenance company, who doesn’t look a million times at the plates or cleans the edges of tea cups with tissues or takes out hand sanitizer after every second, and you will have a blast. 
This is a place where people come to discuss politics, lovers come to hide from their friends and parents, drama students practice their lines, and where business ideas are made and trashed. If you are lucky, you may even spot the future superstar (I heard shahrukh khan used to come here all the time).
Go to this place for a trip down the nostalgia lane and enjoy some great comfort food on the way and you won’t regret it.