Kake Di Hatti & Giani ka Faluda – A Combo for Ages

A mere mention of name Chandni Chowk in a discussion about food, throws up a long string of names, names of galis, kuchas, joints, eateries etc. Besides some of the equally legendary names, Kake Di Hatti always pops up. I am not much familiar with Fateh Puri Area, except for 2-3 times I have been there in last year or so, however as luck would have it, was never able to visit Kake Di Hatti. And surprisingly, despite such a big name, an average Delhite knows very little about it and its more surprising how little information internet has about it. 

Kake Di Hatti 
After visiting diners for two weeks, the popular demand for next outing was for something Desi, and it had been a while that we visited the walled city. So we decided that it is a good opportunity to sample the goodies offered by Kake Di Hatti, and this Saturday evening, around 17 of us landed at his doorstep. There was a huge crowd of customers at the entrance, most of them for getting the food packed and hardly and seating space visible, however we were guided to first floor. To get there you have to climb some stairs, which also serves as a stockyard for Potatoes and LPG Cylinders amongst other things. The first floor turned out to be quite pleasant, with couple of air conditioners trying very hard to keep things under control, and given the conditions, were doing a half decent job as well. The bare minimal furnishing comprised of highway style wooden table and benches, comfortable… who gives a damn. We were there for a reason and wanted to settle down and start hogging ASAP, few tables were rearranged, stools and benches pulled from here, pushed there, and we were all set.

Riding the Rickshaw, through a glorious looking Chandi Chowk
Fateh Puri Masjid
FEDs, All Set to HOG
A look at the menu, and my mouth was wide open, the prices were unbelievably cheap. Looking at what was being served at other tables, portions seemed to be huge, for a moment I was wondering how can they serve such huge portions of such awesome looking food for this price. But waiter confirmed that what we were seeing on other tables was the actual portion size. 

at the Tandoor
Stuffed naan
Naan – The Actual Size

We started slow, ordering 7 naans (1 naan has reputation of feeding 2 people), couple of Dal Makhanis and Kadhai Paneers. The menu had several varieties of Naan, however what caught our attention first was one that went by ‘Dhuandhaar’ naan, the name itself suggested something that would set things on fire and it did not disappoint. A clear favorite of FEDs, was able to impress one and all, except the ones who were not too comfortable with Chilies. Besides that, Paneer Naan, Aloo Naan, Pyaz Naan, Gobhi Naan, Mix Naan, Mutter Naan are a few that I can recall ordering and having. By the way, all their naans have a base stuffing on Aloo and everything else is added with the base of Aloo only. 

Kadahi Paneer

Dal Makhani

Dal was simply amazing, the way Dal makhani is supposed to be. Shahi Paneer, Kadhai paneer were favorites however we did not enjoy their Mutter Paneer or Malai Kofta (but they were ordered towards the end of the session, so half the Junta was already full). The food was what you would expect from a Punjabi Dhaba of highest standards, portions were extremely generous and service acceptable. At the end of it, we ended up having 15-20 Naans, 4-5 Dal Makhani, 4-5 Shahi Paneer, 3 Kadhahi Paneers, Malai Kofta, Mutter Paneer and Palak Paneer. And the bill really took us by surprise, Rs.1868 in total. 

Chandni Chowk, during rains
Giani Di Hatti

Rabri being added by the measure
Ready to be served

This is how we do it, the crowd you see, everyone if from FED
We stepped out of Kake Di Hatti to a rain soaked, glorious looking Chandni Chowk. And set our sights next door, to Gianni Di Hatti for Rabri Faluda. I have had it before once, and was quite disapponited by it, didn’t find anything special in it and was too sweet for my taste. However this visit was totally different, I planned to have a few spoonfuls only, however couple of mouthfuls later, wanted the entire glass to myself, and so did everyone else. Though I am not a big fan of faludas, however after having had it at Giani’s that day, I am going back for more. 

Stuffed like a Naan
If you care for bit of history, Kake Di Hatti was started in 1940, and is handled by the 4th generation now. As the newspaper article framed and gathering dust in the eatery tells us, current owner is a graduate from Sri Ram College of Commerce and Post Graduate from Delhi School of Economics. Must admit, pretty solid qualification for selling those legendary Naans.

PS : Pics courtesy Harjeev Singh Chadha and Nikhil Garg.