Not to be fooled by Tandoori Chaaps

These days Tandoori for vegetarians is picking up quite a lot. Lot of small outlets have sprung up, serving primarily soy based products. Masala Chaap, Stuffed Chaap, Malai Chaap, Soya Tikka, various types of Paneer Tikka, Stuffed Aloo, Mushrooms, Dal Kebabs are some of the more popular items. For vegetarians like me, these outlets were a blessing. Finally I thought I would have something ‘healthy’ to eat, without worrying too much about calories, with loads of proteins, we finally had the counter for Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tikka. But is it true ?

Not at all, most of these outlets, fry their chaaps before putting them on a stick and making it ‘tandoori’, surprising but true. And after they are roasted in tandoor, they add generous amount of ghee / butter / cream along with masala and chutney. Though I do not mind masala, however the added fat just kills any chance of these things being good for health. Do they taste good? A big Yes, however we should not eat them thinking that they good for health.

So my advice, if you are mood for Tandoori Soy Chaaps, because you want to eat healthy, check if they have fried them or not, and ask them not to garnish them with Ghee or butter, or if you want, you can ask them to keep it at minimum.